Volume 12, Number 01

The Adventures of Ashley Madder, Episode I

International criminals have stolen the “statue” of Ashley Madder from the Cosmopolitan Museum of art and a novice secret agent is tasked with her recovery. But the means she will need to use are, to the say the least, rather unorthodox…

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Even as a statue, Ashley is in peril

Page One

Ashley is in an appropriate place for a statue -- a museum!

Page Two

The docent continues her pseudo-history.

Page Three

The Story of Ashley, a girl who liked to get naked.

Page Four

Ashley's raid on Professor Corwin's laboratory.

Page Five

Ashley, petrified.

Page Six

Puzzled at what to do, the Feds put Ashley into a museum.

Page Seven

Second-wave feminism just won't die, even if it should.

Page Eight

Bottle of acid -- nasty stuff.

Nothing like armed force to deal with bad situations.

Page Ten

Nothing like a riot in an art museum to bring out all sort of characters.

Page Eleven

And now it's complete chaos -- riot in the art museum!

Page Twelve

Two fussy men discuss art.

Page Thirteen

Through night skies, an airship slips.

Page Fourteen

Assault of the catwomen!

Page Fifteen

Ashley Madder is deaccessioned.

Page Sixteen

O'er the city, the mighty city, the airship flies tonight.

Page Seventeen

Angelique Porpulac, lowly Department of Agriculture clerk.

Page Eighteen

Angelique goes does the shaft -- no not like that, you dirty-minded person.

Page Nineteen

Angelique meets the Comptroller!

Page Twenty

Angelique Porpulac, fighting the evils of our time.

Page Twenty-One

Angelique's methods leave something to be desired.

Page Twenty-Two

Turning living women into statues!  That's horrible.

Page Twenty-Three

Ashley Madder in the flesh for the first time in years.

Page Twenty-Four

I have to learn Russain?  That sounds *hard*.

Page Twenty-Five

Look at those super-soldiers!

Page Twenty-Six

Clang clang clang goes the trolley...

Page Twenty-Seven

Our petrification specialist,

Page Twenty-Eight

Well I'm glad *someone* isn't afraid to get naked here.

Page Twenty-Nine

Mighty energies penetrate Kelly Yamamoto's soft, naked body.

Page Thirty

Kelly has been transformed, and she is still warm.

Page Thirty-One

Turn her back!

Page Thirty-Two

Go on!  Touch 'em!  You know you want to!


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