Volume 07, Number 06

Volume 7, Number 6

From their abandoned insane-asylum hideout Aloysius Kim and his friends use their newly-created simulacrum of Colonel Jeremiah Madder’s long-dead mother to bait a trap for the Colonel. FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Macneil, disgusted at his role in Madder’s “anti-terrorist” witch-hunt, retaliates by leaking some sensitive information about Madder’s activities to the press. Captain Jackson, increasingly doubting has superior’s sanity, cuts a deal with Macneil for an intervention by law enforcement under certain conditions. The mysterious illness afflicting Cleo Mount appears to worsen. Events spiral toward a confrontation from which not all might emerge alive…

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Cleo Mount stalks her prey at the abandoned Roscommon insane asylum.

Page One

Helga Thompson is bound and forced to make a hostage tape.

Page Two

The hostage drama is revealed to be all in the game.

Page Three

Macneil hits the bar again.

Page Four

A journalist gets a leak about Colonel Madder's investigation

Page Five

Madder reads a leak in the newspaper and sees a nasty YouTube video.

Page Six

The "kidnapping" is traced to the Roscommon Psychiatric Hospital.

Page Seven

Madder believes that God is involved in the re-appearance of his mother.

Page Eight

Colonel Madder insists on his facing the challenge alone.

Page Nine

Captain Jackson has to plead for FBI intervention against his own crazy commander.

Page Ten

Cleo ails and the group is about to bail.

Page Eleven

Madder and Jackson go on the offensive.

Page Twelve

A scary moment for Aloysius, but Jireen has a cunning plan.

Page Thirteen

Colonel Madder answers his 'mother's' call.

Page Fourteen

Commencement:  Chapter Six, Page Fourteen

Page Fifteen

Jackson corners our mad science gang.

Page Sixteen

A specter is haunting Captain Jackson.

Page Seventeen

Cleo swoops down on Captain Jackson and takes a bite out of him.

Page Eighteen

Cleo announces that she knows things the man she ate knew.

Page Nineteen

Colonel Madder finds his 'mother,' begins a confession.

Page Twenty

Aloysius contacts Corwin, who advises that Helga should keep talking to Madder.

Page Twenty-One

Madder begins confessing to Helga that he has done terrible deeds.

Page Twenty-Two

Cleo tells us that she needs to return to Tondelayo's people.

Page Twenty-Three

Madder's "mother" expresses love and forgiveness to Madder.

Page Twenty-Four

Little Michiko hears things getting out of control between Colonel Madder and Helga.

Page Twenty-Five

Madder caught in the act, the motherfucker.

Page Twenty-Six

Helga explains that she likes to gratify dark desires.

Page Twenty-Seven

Macneil gets the distress signal.

Page Twenty-Eight

Macneil comes across Madder's recorded confession.

Page Twenty-Nine

Commencement:  Chapter Six, Page Twenty-Nine


Helga Thompson poses naked as the day she was born.

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