Volume 08, Number 04

Volume 8, Number 4

Taylor Chase remains determined to find his — or at this stage of Taylor’s identity, perhaps her — lost love Marie Martin no matter what the cost. Though it might mean passing beyond a point of no return, Taylor takes the plunge into the bizarre sexual underworld that is “Level 2” of Helga Kupler’s organization. There she meets Donna Fisher, an American girl whose dark past is carrying her into an even-darker future, but whose knowledge of the Kupler organization might provide the only hope of success for Taylor’s quest.

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A shapely girl is transformed by mad science, but into what?

Page One

Taylor Chase ventures into darkness.

Page Two

Taylor kneels before a mysterious berobed panel.

Page Three

Taylor consents to her own sexual enslavement.

Page Four

Taylor strips herself of her identity.

Page Five

Taylor stands naked in the firelight.

Page Six

Taylor takes the plunge.

Page Seven

Taylor is flushed away into the darkness

Page Eight

Taylor meets the United Nations in a harem.

Page Nine

Taylor encounters a giant satyr.

Page Ten

Taylor undergoes bizarre water bondage on a wheel.

Page Eleven

Taylor bent in bondage in a sex machine.

Page Twelve

Taylor nearly cooked in a giant glass water tank.

Page Thirteen

Taylor uses her comlink to stay in touch.

Page Fourteen

Taylor gets a night at the opera.  A very strange opera.

Page Fifteen

Something is very odd in Taylor's box.

Page Sixteen

Taylor watches as someone fucks a quadruple amputee.

Page Seventeen

Gnosis Transformations:  Chapter Four, Page Seventeen

Page Eighteen

Taylor begins getting to know Donna

Page Nineteen

Donna begins telling her sorry life story.

Page Twenty

Donna is ill-used by those she was supposed to trust.

Page Twenty-One

Donna goes to college, but there's family trouble at home.

Page Twenty-Two

Donna suffers a dead little sister.

Page Twenty-Three

Donna flees America and joins up with the Kupler organization.

Page Twenty-Four

Donna is a quick learner in the sex trade.

Page Twenty-Five

Donna does her job felating while in bondage.

Page Twenty-Six

A catgirl and a giant satyr.

Page Twenty-Seven

Gnosis Transformations:  Chapter Four, Page Twenty-Seven

Page Twenty-Eight

Taylor continues her transmissions.


A cat dancer!

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