Volume 01, Number 06

Volume 1, Number 6

TheTales of Gnosis College continue, as a shocking discovery about the “disappearance” of Ashley Madder leads the FBI to take Professor Corwin and his comely assistant Anwei into custody. Realizing that their research hangs in the balance, Nanetta and Moira are forced toward a fateful decision. This issue also contains a special bonus story, “The Strange Case of Millie Newman,” set in a Victorian-era Gnosis College.

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Moira and Nanetta as fantasy warrior women defeding Howard

Page One

Searches go on at Omega house: Laura comes pre-stripped for these.

Page Two

Omega House at Gnosis College at dusk, lit up by law enforcement

Page Three

Madder postures; so does Laura, in a much more desirable way.

Page Four

Senator Madder acts all chivalrous toward Laura.

Page Five

Madder proceeds to use his position to molest Laura

Page Six

Madder continues molesting Laura and browbeating Macneil

Page Seven

Macneil retires to a local bar to drown his sorrows

Page Eight

G-man Macneil drowns his sorrows under a painting of a nude girl.

Page Nine

SAIC Macneil needs a favor from alientated FBI scientist Dr. Harraway

Page Ten

SAIC Macneil and Dr. Harraway begin exploring weird (forensic) science

Page Eleven

Page Twelve

There's nothing like national security excuses

Page Thirteen

Nanetta and Moira receive a startling revelation on the TV news

Page Fourteen

A moralistic blowhard gloats on televsion about Corwin's legal troubles

Page Fifteen

Gnosis undergraduates have better things to do...

Page Sixteen

The FBI begns interrogating Professor Corwin

Page Seventeen

Corwin confronts evidence, and the beginning of threats

Page Eighteen

Corwin confronts ugly political reality -- here and abroad

Page Nineteen

Macneil reaches for the anger within

Page Twenty

Corwin broken in interrogation

Page Twenty-One

Madder buts in on the FBI investigation, once again

Page Twenty-Two

Nanetta and Moira fret in the laboratory

Page Twenty-Three

Giant tentacles attack an aircraft carrier!

Page Twenty-Four

Misery and despari in the face of an upcoming FBI raid.

Page Twenty-Five

Nanetta has a brilliant idea

Page Twenty-Six/Pin-up

Millie Newman sexy pulpy pin-up

Page Twenty-Seven

Millie attends a lecture and says scandalous things

Page Twenty-Eight

Millie gets naked in front of a mad-science machine

Page Twenty-Nine

Naked Millie gets zapped by a mad-science steampunk machine

Page Thirty

Hoffman dunned over his bar bill

Page Thirty-One

Naked Millie hangs over the bar, admired by happy drinkers

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2 thoughts on “Volume 01, Number 06

  1. so, that means, it was Millie who is still trapped in that painting?? Kinda confused which fate is beautiful. Trapped in a painting, or in a marble statue of one’s ownself.

  2. Both are tragic, but both wanted to have their beauty admired by others publicly…. so the only thing I can use as a tie-breaker…. a statue has the chance to survive longer than a painting

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