Volume 07, Number 03

Volume 7, Number 3

While Aloysius Kim and his comrades in mad science race to try to prevent Connie Morton’s use of mysterious performance-enhancing drugs from generating a tragedy, Colonel Madder sets in motion a dastardly plot that will focus national attention and resources on his “anti-terrorist” activities. Government goons will place Cleo Mount in horrible peril, pushing Iris Brockman to extraordinary means in a desperate attempt to redeem her friend.

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Poor Cleo Mount is bubbled up in mad science peril.

Page One

The Verdi Requiem and Aloysius's drug analysis begin in parallel.

Page Two

The splash page for the issue opens the Requiem

Page Three

At a moment of musical glory for Connie, Aloysius discovers something very disturbing.

Page Four

Aloysius places a desperate phone call:  stop the Requiem!

Page Five

Connie hits the high note.

Page Six

Connie collapses on stage at the end of the Requiem.

Page Seven

Connie dies on stage.

Page Eight

Madder uses Connie's death to gather intelligence.

Page Nine

Director Yglesias and his daughter are blown-up.

Page Ten

The President of the United States gives shocking news to the nation.

Page Eleven

Madder gets promoted in a crisis.

Page Twelve

Cleo is accosted by government creeps on the campus at night.

Page Thirteen

Aloysius spots the government goons before they spot him.

Page Fourteen

Aloysius dodges into a locked closed, then sets off a fire alarm.

Page Fifteen

Cleo is bound naked in the basement of the auxiliary gym.

Page Sixteen

The goons decide to take Cleo to...somewhere.

Page Seventeen

A government goon begins molesting the bound and naked Cleo.

Page Eighteen

Cleo goes all poisonous on government goon.

Page Nineteen

Cleo uses spiderweb to grab her cellphone.

Page Twenty

Iris Brockman is contacted and vows to come to Cleo's aid.

Page Twenty-One

Iris contacts Takayama, asks him to do something mad science.

Page Twenty-Two

Iris stabs a government goon in the eye.

Page Twenty-Three

Iris takes gov thugs gun, looks for Cleo.

Page Twenty-Four

Iris liberates a tearful Cleo.

Page Twenty-Five

Iris gets the drop on, and shoots one of the government goons.

Page Twenty-Six

Iris fires at the government agent from behind one of his tied-up colleagues.

Page Twenty-Seven

Iris shoots herself to avoid capture.

Page Twenty-Eight

Takama's org tries to reconstitute Iris, Madder's org soldiers on.


Cleo Mount in shibari bondage.

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