Volume 09, Number 05

Volume 9, Number 5

The second installment of Taylor Tales is set in an alternate-history mid-twentieth century America. A world in which the First World War took a very different turn is now dominated by colonial empires and dieselpunk technology. This world’s Vernon Jackson labors as a railroad mechanic until he suffers a devastating industrial accident. Uncompensated by his former employer, and disdained by a white-supremacist society, Jackson rebuilds himself as cyborg and, with the help of a gang of other outcasts, begins a bit for vengeance against the world which has mistreated him.

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Page One

Gnosis Pharmacology:  Chapter Five, Page One

Page Two

Another successful locomotive repair for Vernon Jackson.

Page Three

Runaway train!

Page Four

Speed, steam, and tragedy.

Page Five

There has been a terrible accident...

Page Six

The law is an ass.

Page Seven

Let artifice make good where nature falls short.

Page Eight

Cyborg Vernon Jackson, Mark I

Page Nine

Oh noes, Vernon!  Not a life of crime!

Page Ten

Pleasant Prairie armored car robbery.

Page Eleven

Vernon Jackson's departure for the big city.

Page Twelve

Cyborg man robs bank

Page Thirteen

Cyborg shield defies bullets.

Page Fourteen

Vernon Jackson makes good his escape with the loot.

Page Fifteen

And now, Jackson has a jetpack.

Page Sixteen

Jackson spots injustice in the countryside.

Page Seventeen

Vernon Jackson puts paid to racist white trash.

Page Eighteen

A physician abused.

Page Nineteen

A physician saved.

Page Twenty

A successful cyborg gangster.

Page Twenty-One

Some second thoughts.

Page Twenty-Two

Giant cyborg super-suit!

Page Twenty-Three

Jackson attacked by anti-aircraft gun.

Page Twenty-Four

Cyborg man down, surgeon up.

Page Twenty-Five

Jackson becomes a fuller cyborg.

Page Twenty-Six

Jackson meets his Board of Directors.

Page Twenty-Seven

Henceforth I shall be known as the Black Engine.

Page Twenty-Eight

Soo Ling takes no shit from you, white man.

Page Twenty-Nine

Soo Ling kills, then quietly goes about her business.


The Black Engine makes an impressive cyborg supervillain.

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