Volume 01, Number 07

Volume 1, Number 7

Things have reached a desperate fix at Gnosis College as the machinations of Senator Madder push everyone to extremes. Moira and Nanetta will try something beyond daring to try to keep up good relations between humanity and the tentacle beasts. It goes without saying that they’ll achieve orgasm, but will they survive the experience? Will Professor Corwin and his lovely assistant Li Anwei ever get out of FBI custody? And what will become of poor petrified beauty Ashley? Find out in this last chapter of The Apsinthion Protocol.

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Li Anwei appears as a mermaid.

Page One

Nanetta and Moira contemplate mad science ways to communicate

Page Two

A dissolving Moira on a one way trip to...we know not where.

Page Three

The FBI is on the way, and Nanetta and Moira must move quickly.

Page Four

A tragic decision for Moira.

Page Five

Naked Moira prepares to face the Apsinthion Protocol

Page Six

Nanetta strips in the madlab!

Page Seven

Nanetta joins Moira in the Apsinthion tube.

Page Eight

Nanetta and Moira begin to dissolve together!

Page Nine

Nanetta and Moira finish dissolving with a kiss

Page Ten

The FBI stomrs in

Page Eleven

FBI SWAT guys point their guns at nothing in particular

Page Twelve

Guests are shown into Corwin's laboratory

Page Thirteen

Page Fourteen

Senator Madder pervs, while Corwin boggles

Page Fifteen

Senator Madder brandishes gun, spews racism

Page Sixteen

Senator Madder decapitated by tentacle monster!

Page Seventeen

FBI SWAT team opens fire on tentacle monster!

Page Eighteen

Gunfire in the madlab causes a real fire!

Page Nineteen

Corwin spots a way out!

Page Twenty

Corwin and Anwei make their escape!

Page Twenty-One

The Weidegold Brewery burns!

Page Twenty-Two

Macneil shares bureaucratic wisdom

Page Twenty-Three

Macneil's political cynicism shines through

Page Twenty-Four

SAIC Macneil plots the future of the Ashley statue

Page Twenty-Five

The fate of the Ashley sculpture is revealed!

Page Twenty-Six

Mary Poppins embarassed by porn!

Page Twenty-Seven

Corwin and Anwei on the beach

Page Twenty-Eight

Anwei reveals that she's transforming!

Page Twenty-Nine

Anwei strips naked and takes to the sea

Page Thirty

Li Anwei takes to the sea!


Li Anwei in a slinky, sexy cheongsam

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5 thoughts on “Volume 01, Number 07

  1. Oh Wow!!!!! I love this ending when Li Anwei becomes a Mermaid. But where did Moira and Nanetta go and what has become of them? Awesome Story and great visual Arts!!!!

    • Thank you! A bit of an explanation for Moira’s and Nanetta’s (and, for that matter, Anwei’s) futures is rather a long time in coming in the story arc, but I can promise that something will come up in the last chapter of Volume VII, publishing in the first days of July.

  2. what happened to beautiful Ashley at last!!?? what’s her destiny!!?? to be displayed as a nude sculpture in the museum!!??

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