Volume 11, Number 05

Volume 11, Number 5:

The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter 5

Note: This volume was guest-written by Vinnie Tesla. Kat Carter’s invitation to the movies is rudely interrupted when her artificial intelligence alter-ego, a mysterious (and horny) entity that calls herself The Eidolon, phones in to let Kat know of a plot against the world’s online porn. Meanwhile, the trio of Gnosis College students face a series of deadly attacks from various mysterious cyber forces, in the course of which one of them will have to reveal a deep, dark secret.

Kindly note that all the comics images on this page, including the virtual cover, were written by Vinnie Tesla and illustrated by Lon Ryden, having been commissioned and edited by Dr. Faustus of EroticMadScience.com and drawn by Lon Ryden. The comic is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are free to copy, repost and share these images as long as you provide attribution ti Dr. Faustus and Lon, but if you want to use any of them for commercial purposes or wish to create derivative works from them (other than using brief excerpts in good-faith reviews, studies and criticism) you need to seek permission from Dr. Faustus. Thank you.

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Is he man or mollusc?

Page One

Hong invites Kat to see the new Flaming Carrot movie.

Page Two

How meta is this?

Page Three

This is why you should silence you phone during movies.

Page Four

The Flaming Carrot doesn't mess around, but the Eidolon knows how to get attention.

Page Five

The Eidolon has an urgent discussion with Kat in a movie poster-filled lobby.

Page Six

The Eidolon discusses her web-publishing issues.

Page Seven

A quiet assault on all the dirtiest parts of the net!

Page Eight

The Eidolon's work stolen by monkeys.

Page Nine


Page Ten

The Grungen Hummingbird Sport is a classic of Crotobaltslavonian auto engineering!

Page Eleven

Never rely too much on GPS

Page Twelve

Watch out for that truck!

Page Thirteen

What the hell are you doing, Elizabeth?

Page Fourteen

Elizabeth has a horrible idea.

Page Fifteen

John Smith takes a fall.

Page Sixteen

John Smith turns out to be Mr. Tentacles

Page Seventeen

Tentacle-y John Smith emerges from the water and begins to reform himself.

Page Eighteen

John Smith gets himself all humanoid again.

Page Nineteen

Seduced by the Sardinian Shapeshifter

Page Twenty

My people have been on Earth since you guys were stealing dinosaur eggs!

Page Twenty-One

John Smith tries to explain 'polydactylic xenomorph.'

Page Twenty-Two

John continues his discourse on Crazy Uncle Howard.

Page Twenty-Three

See? Crotobaltslavonian engineering!

Page Twenty-Four

Little tentacle beast John decides he wants to be human.

Page Twenty-Five

Your unhealthy obsession with humans has gone too far. You need to stop studying them constantly or get out of our reef!

Page Twenty-Six

Being human equates to being fun, at least for John Smith, marine tentacle monster.

Page Twenty-Seven

So basically you're a furry for humans.


Kat Carter sports some hot carrots.

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