Two down, one to go

Some mad science with women being turned to chrome statues going on here.

Two Down, One to Go by greatcthulu. Image presented here by kind permission of the artist.

DeviantArt creator greatcthulu does some fine A.S.F.R.-like imagery in CG, and seeing as we’ve finally published the Adventures of Ashley Madder in a slider and at the Internet Archive, it seemed like a good time to feature some of the artist’s work. The artist describes this 2015 image as follows: “The second subject is just rising up out of the transformation chamber while the third statue-to-be waits – probably not willingly – for her turn.”

Click on the image to see it in its full size.

The Adventures of Ashley Madder, slider version

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This particular volume of the Tales of Gnosis College might not have been ideal for sliders as I had to cut some double-width pages to fit them in. Nonetheless the technology seems to, indeed, to be a handy way to read the comic.

For those of you who might want the comic in greater detail, I am pleased to note that it is now available for download as a high-resolution CBZ archive (double-wide pages and all) and as a single PDF document from its dedicated download page at the Internet Archive, where you can also read the whole comic in the Archive’s native text reader.

La rueda de la mala fortuna (Versión deslizante)

Este cómic aparece aquí bajo un acuerdo de licencia entre Faustus y el artista. El artista conserva el derecho de la imagen. No la alteres ni reproduzcas sin permiso.

Wheel of Misfortune, Slider Version

This comic appears here under a license agreement between Faustus and the artist. The artist retains the right to the image. Please do not alter or reproduce it without permission.