Volume 09, Number 08

Volume 9, Number 8

Things become very tense around Gnosis College as creepy intelligence agents close tighter around Medea and Fatima and their strange chemical research, while Gnosis students Jennifer and Michael push their experimentation with bespoke drugs to a terrifying limit. Will anyone survive with their lives and liberty intact? Find out in this chapter of the Tales of Gnosis College.

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A feminine hand drops a match.

Page One

Taylor receives inviting correspondence, considers his fate.

Page Two

A winter day's stroll across campus.

Page Three

Taylor brings Medea to a halt.

Page Four

Taylor seems to be better at this threats business than one might think.

Page Five

Iris explains some options to Medea and Fatima.

Page Six

Iris Brockman makes deals, not wishes.

Page Seven

Iris explains how it will go down with the government creeps.

Page Eight

Iris provides a weapon to be used against the government creeps.

Page Nine

Iris forbids future wildcat drug experiments.

Page Ten

Two lovers find their way to an isolated spot in an abandoned factory.

Page Eleven

Two lovers undress to Nietzsche's recounting of the Wisdom of Silenus.

Page Twelve

First the drugs, the the gasoline, and then the match.

Page Thirteen

Lovers self-immolate -- how romantic!

Page Fourteen

Recruitment at the Gadget.

Page Fifteen

You've been very naughty girls, Fatima and Medea.

Page Sixteen

Never, ever tell Igor Zeitlin to fuck off.

Page Seventeen

never underestimate the value of a good distraction.

Page Eighteen

Oh my god he has a gun!

Page Nineteen

Students unite to make a statement.

Page Twenty

Fuck your Second Amendment solutions!

Page Twenty-One

A full scale riot.

Page Twenty-Two

Armed confrontation at Gnosis College.

Page Twenty-Three

What a revoltin' development.

Page Twenty-Four

Communication by brain-text.

Page Twenty-Five

The strains of the Internationale waft across Gnosis.

Page Twenty-Six

Little Michiko and Taylor Chase bicker about current events.

Page Twenty-Seven

Government creep brought low through the power of mad science.


Gnosis Pharmacology:  Chapter Eight, Pin-up

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