Volume 03, Number 05

Volume 3, Number 5

While Willie and Professor Waite resolve to expand their operations, the mad science reaches a high pitch as Aloysius is forced to improvise desperately when an experiment spins out of control and threatens two innocent lives. What erotic weirdness will Aloysius come up with? Will he save the day? And will he ever succeed in convincing his parents that he isn’t a slacker? Find out in this exciting concluding chapter of Progress in Research.

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Aloysius Kim as mad scientist squeezed under a pair of enormous breasts.

Page One

Someone is observing fabulous breasts at Gnosis

Page Two

Kitty Logan mourns her boyish physique

Page Three

Aloysius dissolves a kitten using the Apsinthion Protocol

Page Four

Aloysius reconstitutes liquid kitten!

Page Five

Professor Waite tracks Willie down at WGNO

Page Six

Waite comes on to Willie as a means of gaining his assent to more research.

Page Seven

Willie and Waite have sex in the WGNO studio with a live mike on.

Page Eight

Aloysius meets Kitty doing laundry.  Kitty complains about her breast size.

Page Nine

Kitty snatches up some apsinthion formula from the wash from Aloysius

Page Ten

Kitty and Tricia discuss the "perfume" Kitty swiped from Aloysius.

Page Eleven

Aloysius demonstrates his machine on his own muscles for Kitty.

Page Twelve

Tricia's shower scene begins with Kitty's breast expansion effort

Page Thirteen

A scream, and Tricia is found dissolving in the shower!

Page Fourteen

Kitty's huge, expanding breasts burst the bounds of her sweater.

Page Fifteen

Tricia has almost dissolved away, while Kitty is now half boobage.

Page Sixteen

Aloysius does his best to save the remains of liquid Tricia.

Page Seventeen

Aloysius questions the liquid Tricia.

Page Eighteen

Tricia floats in a virtual world, naked and orgasmic.

Page Nineteen

Tricia gets bad news while floating naked in a virtual ocean.

Page Twenty

Aloysius has an idea about saving Tricia

Page Twenty-One

Aloysius has a soluton...and he's going to inject it into Kitty.

Page Twenty-Two

Aloysius uses a syringe to impregnate Kitty.

Page Twenty-Three

Aloysius impregnates Kitty with the liquid remains of Tricia.

Page Twenty-Four

Tricia gives birth to her healthy baby twenty-one year-old friend.

Page Twenty-Five

Through nursing, Kitty and Tricia are almost back to the way they were before.

Page Twenty-Six

Maureen is stunned at what has been going on in Aloysius's room.

Page Twenty-Seven

No one wants to own up to what's been going in Aloysius's dormitory madlab.

Page Twenty-Eight

Michiko Maeda is recruited with hypnosis by the Waite-Willie project.

Page Twenty-Nine

Maureen and Willie discuss cheering Aloysius up.

Page Thirty

Invisible Maureen sexes up Aloysius.

Page Thirty-One

Aloysius climaxes inside invisible Maureen.

Page Thirty-Two

Aloysius is rewarded for his "real" research.

Page Thirty-Three

Professorial feedback grows wireframe boobs.

Page Thirty-Four

Aloysius poses with his award and his proud parents.

Page Thirty-Five

Aloysius is determined to recover Moira, whatever the mad science price.


Tricia and Kitty in an amorous embrace.

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  1. Ingenious, strangely interesting and engaging, if outrageous. Enjoying It. Thanks and best wishes. lens

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