Volume 06, Number 02

Volume 6, Number 2

Tanya Yip’s singing teacher Madam Anna enlists the aid of the mysterious specialist Dr. Srinivas whose methods, while highly unorthodox, certainly do help Tanya to reach the high notes. Iris Brockman uses a physics lesson to clobber a pretentious presentation by Dolly Gibson, earning Iris disdain from their trendy teacher Aphrodite Mora and the hatred from Dolly. The malevolent spook Colonel Madder is called out by his bureaucratic superior for his strange actions around and increasing obsession with Gnosis College and its mad science. And Dolly and Buck Yale’s bizarre bondage sex becomes the object of unwholesome voyeuristic attention by some Omega House pledges eager to prove their fraternity mettle.

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Tom and Dick take video from afar of Tanya Yip pleasuring herself.

Page One

Tanya arrives for a private lesson at an elaborate Victorian house.

Page Two

Madam Anna introduces Tanya Yip to Dr. Srinivas

Page Three

Dr. Srinivas gets Tanya to expose her belly in the name of improving her singing.

Page Four

Dr. Srinivas pokes Tanya's belly effectively.

Page Five

Dr. Srinivas moves his magic touch to Tanya's bare spine.

Page Six

Dr. Srinivas gets Tanya to take her bra off. For the sake of music.

Page Seven

Two boys in a tree watch Tanya's bra-removing singing lesson in amazement.

Page Eight

Dolly Gibson gives a jargon-laden presentation on GPS.

Page Nine

Iris intervenes in Dolly's presentation.

Page Ten

Iris begins a little physics lecture to explain how GPS works.

Page Eleven

A hayseed student picks up scientific points that Dolly misses.

Page Twelve

Iris demonstrates the importance of relativity with a flourish.

Page Thirteen

Failure to correct for relativity means your plane might crash.

Page Fourteen

Colonel Madder is interrogated by the chief of his agency.

Page Fifteen

A tropical warfare team perishes, and naked Cleo Mount survives, the same jungle.

Page Sixteen

Colonel Madder is given bad news by his boss.

Page Seventeen

Dolly fumes at Buck about how Iris ruined her seminar presentation.

Page Eighteen

Buck promises help to sweet-talk Dolly into more kinky sex.

Page Nineteen

Tom and Dick set up surveillance

Page Twenty

Tom and Dick get video footage of Tanya Yip masturbating.

Page Twenty-One

Tom and Dick get footage of Buck fucking a limbless Dolly.

Page Twenty-Two

Tom and Dick interpret Dolly as being a dolly.

Page Twenty-Three

Buck hits on Michiko Maeda, gets blown off.

Page Twenty-Four

Iris Brockman begins investigating whatever happened to Ashley Madder.

Page Twenty-Five

Iris chases down various rumors of what happened to Ashley.


Tanya Yip masturbates with a dildo.

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