Volume 08, Number 08

Volume 8, Number 8

Tanya Yip is a Gnosis College alumna who has become so inspired by her musical training that she no longer aspires to merely play an instrument, but to become one. Iris Brockman, with her ever-deepening contacts in the world of mad science, is prepared to offer Tanya a Faustian bargain through which this strange transhumanist fantasy might come true, but can Tanya find it in herself to pay the price, and will it work out as she hopes? Find out in this strange concluding chapter of Gnosis Transformations.

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Tanya Yip is all strung out.

Page One

The weird audience of the future.

Page Two

A very artsy futuristic setting.

Page Three

If the instrument could talk, it would talk back.

Page Four

Unless its the inhabitants of that campus.

Page Five

Rybczynski also became an investment banker, which is another reason not to like him.

Page Six

Nothing like near-naked vocal training.  L'art pour l'art!

Page Seven

Well, at least it's not the ending to Carrie.

Page Eight

The Tor browser sure has its uses.

Page Nine

Yet another Gnosis alumna off to Japan!

Page Ten

And our new friend, swimming naked in the background.

Page Eleven

Tanya in triplicate.

Page Twelve

A cruel lottery...

Page Thirteen

Gnosis Transformations:  Chapter Eight, Page Thirteen

Page Fourteen

A very fetching Venus Tanya makes, though.

Page Fifteen

Could this be the end of Tanya Yip?

Page Sixteen

Sleep is good, death is better, but best of all is never to have been born.

Page Seventeen

Lon was invited to draw worse, but didn't.

Page Eighteen

The Takayama organization had to save money somewhere.

Page Nineteen

This won't hurt much, we promise.

Page Twenty

What a lovely brain Tanya has!

Page Twenty-One

Eat your heart out, mind uploaders.

Page Twenty-Two

You know that the original surgeons were barbers, right?

Page Twenty-Three

Congratulations, it's a cello!

Page Twenty-Four

Suck it, Thomas Nagel.

Page Twenty-Five


Page Twenty-Six

It would appear that somewhere along the way there was a little violence.

Page Twenty-Seven

And the most unlikely people dwell within New York's down-and-out.

Page Twenty-Eight


Page Twenty-Nine

Excuse me, but could you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?

Page Thirty

From teacher to student and onward.

Page Thirty-One

I bet Anna Magdalena Bach never anticipated her transcription of her husband's music would ever be used quite like this.


Gnosis Transformations:  Chapter Eight, Pin-up

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7 thoughts on “Volume 08, Number 08

  1. Will Ashley’s petrified naked corpse be on the museum’s display for a long long time in the upcoming future ? Further adding,any more intention to bring petrification in the tales anymore ?

  2. Wow Ashley is still on display in that museum in 22nd century !!?? Pity that you kicked her out from the story permanently like that way !! Really liked her rebellious nature though

  3. Is the concert held in the same museum where that naked goddess Ashley is put on display?! Or somehow Ashley’s ownership got changed by the passage of time?! Feeling confused though.

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