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We’ve been making art and comics here at Erotic Mad Science for almost nine years now, and while this ins’t quite the first actual animation (Erosarts did some animated .gifs early on, including this girlscanner animation, but this is the first one that resembles an actual movie clip with sound and everything. It’s the work of artist HayleyPetHarley, for whom you can find a site at Newgrounds and follow on Twitter. You can also do as I do and support the artist on Patreon. C’mon, people, where do you think art comes from?

The art is an imagined version of the “Bubbles experiment,” which is the subject of my most ambitious comics translation experiment and versions of which you have been seeing here at Erotic Mad Science.

You can download the original MP4 of the animation here.

I had a great deal of fun working with the artist on this particular project, and hope you like it as well. If you do, feel free to sound off in the comments. Animation isn’t cheap, but maybe could be persuaded to do more…

Apprendre le français XXI: Appât Page 24

PAGE 24 (Four panels)

Panel 1: CARSON MACMURDIE (“MacMurdie”) an elderly but dignified-looking man (a retired U.S. Navy officer) in an interview pose.

MacMurdie (1): Well, it was a fuckup, that’s what it was.

Comment (1): A “fuckup” is a coarse and colloquial way of adescribing “a big, consequential mistake.”

Translation (1): Ah ben, pour une erreur, c’était une erreur.

SUBTITLE – IDENTIFIER (2): Capt. Carson MacMurdie, USN, Ret.

Comment (2): “Capt.” is an abbreviation for “Captain,” in this case a relatively senior rank in the United States Navy, often a commander of a large vessel. “USN” is an abbreviation for “United States Navy” and “Ret.” indicates that he is retired.

Translation (2): Capitaine Carson MacMurdie, ancien de l’US Navy

Panel 2: A photograph of two U.S. Navy officers in Second World War-era uniforms surveying a table of maps, documents, photographs.

CAPTION – MACMURDIE NARRATING (3): There was an investigation into the disappearance of those nurses in 1943, but its conclusion was too weird and disturbing to be circulated. So the report was classified top secret and the area simply closed off.

Translation (3): Il y eut une enquête sur la disparition de ces infirmières en 1943, mais sa conclusion était trop étrange et troublante pour qu’elle soit diffusée. Le rapport fut classé top secret et la zone fut tout simplement fermée.

Panel 3: External view of a large warehouse.

CAPTION – MACMURDIE NARRATING (4): By thirty-eight years later, everyone had forgotten why the area was closed, and the report was buried deep in some Navy archive. Anyone connected with the investigation had died or moved on. Nobody bothered to go back to the records and check.

Translation (4): Trente-huit ans plus tard, tout le monde avait oublié la raison pour laquelle la zone avait été fermée, et le rapport s’est perdu dans les archives de la Marine. Les personnes ayant participé à l’enquête étaient mortes ou étaient passées à autre chose. Personne ne prit la peine de rouvrir le dossier.

Panel 4: MacMurdie in interview pose again.

MacMurdie (5): So when Mr. Rich and Powerful showed up and said he wanted to yacht in those waters, the Navy just replied “Yes, sir” and gave him a permit.

Translation (5): Ainsi, lorsque monsieur Riche et puissant s’est présenté et a demandé à séjourner dans cette zone à bord de son yacht, la Marine lui répondit simplement « Oui monsieur » et lui octroya un permis.

MacMurdie (6): Too bad about the poor girl…

Translation (6): C’est bien triste ce qui est arrivé à cette pauvre fille…

Appât (Français/Version longue page)
Appât (Français/Version slider)

Apprendre le français XX: Appât Pages 21-23 (slider)

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

PAGE 21 (Single panel page)

(Note : footage)

Single panel: View into the water. We see Phoebe underwater, naked and surrounded by a roiling mass of tentacles, some of which appear to be penetrating all of her primary orifices. “Voices” can be heard suggesting the chaos on the Yellow Rose.

CAPTIONS AT VARIOUS POINTS AROUND THE PANEL (1): “Oh God, oh God!” “Kill that thing!” “Get it!” “Yes, Mr. Petrobux!” “I’m getting my gun!”

Translation (1): « Oh mon Dieu, oh mon Dieu ! » « Tuez cette chose ! » « Attrapez-le ! » « Oui, monsieur Petrobux ! » « Je vais prendre mon arme ! »

PAGE 22 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Yacht Crewman #1 and Yacht Crewman #2 in the boat by the side of the Yellow Rose, as if viewed through Barron Jr.’s camera. Yacht Crewman #1 has a harpoon raised and aimed, presumably at the tentacle beast. One small tentacle is reaching over the side of the boat. Yacht Crewman #2 is sitting in the back of the boat steering an outboard motor.

Yacht Crewman #1 (1): I’ll get you, you motherfucker!

Translation (1): Je vais te niquer enfoiré !

Panel 2: Yacht Crewman #1 and Yacht Crewman #2 appear as blackened silhouettes as some sort of massive electrical discharge hits their boat. The whole craft is surrounded by a flash as if of lightning.


Translation (2): KZZZ-ZOT !

Panel 3: Phoebe’s head resurfaces just a bit. A tentacle covers a triangular region around her mother and nose, rather like a medical breathing mask. Her eyes are closed, and her expression looks almost blissful.

Panel 4: Ripples in the region of water where Phoebe’s head has been pulled underneath for one last time.

PAGE 23 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Barron Sr. putting his hand on the barrel of an assault rifle that Wealth Friend is pointing at the sea, a gesture meant to stop him from shooting into the water.

Barron Sr. (1): No, you idiot.

Translation (1): Non, fais pas l’idiot.

Panel 2: A view into the boat, showing the now-charred corpses of Yacht Crewman #1 and Yacht Crewman #2.

Panel 3: A view of Peony, now standing some distance away on deck, her head buried in her hands in shock and grief.

Peony (2): No…

Translation (2): Non…

Panel 4: A view downward, indicating that Barron Jr. is pointing his camera down but is still filming. (Note that he is about 11 years old at this time.) We see the swimming trunks he’s wearing, his legs and feet and beneath them the planking of the deck. We can also see through the fabric of his swimming trunks that he is having a marked erection.

Appât (Français/Version longue page)
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