Apprendre le français I: Appât Couverture


Same Fabulae Atroces Fausti logo as appeared on “She’s the Ransom,” over another bit of neo-pulp, in this case a young woman swimmer in a 1940s-style swimsuit and hairstyle being menaced underwater by tentacles coming up from the deep. There should be if feasible some bubbles to emphasize the underwater setting.

CAPTION (title) (1): “Bait”

Translation (1): « Appât »

CAPTION (author) (2): Written and produced by Iago Faustus

Comment (2): “Produced” in this context means that Faustus paid an artist’s commission to Erosarts for his services in doing the illustration and also arranged for the publication of the webcomic.

Translation (2): Écrit et produit par Iago Faustus

CAPTION (artist) (3): Illustrated by Erosarts

Translation (3): Illustré par Erosarts

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Cinematic vore specimen

No one does sexpolitation quite like Italian moviemakers do sexploitation, as the post above, from the 1979 movie The Great Alligator River surely shows. Although I’m not sure that anything in the movie goes to quite this exploitative level (I haven’t seen it), at least one still suggests a willingness to go there, so to speak:

Both the poster and the still are reblogged from this 29 February 2016 post at Infernal Wonders. They owe their source on old Tumblr to Atomic Chronoscaph.

La rueda de la mala fortuna (Versión deslizante)

Este cómic aparece aquí bajo un acuerdo de licencia entre Faustus y el artista. El artista conserva el derecho de la imagen. No la alteres ni reproduzcas sin permiso.