More brides of the Grote Opdracht

Damsels writh and struggle with a hungry maritime vore-tentacle monster.

Presented here by agreement between Faustus and the artist.

As President’s Day special (many of our U.S. readers have a day off work, hooray!) I am presenting a big commission by the artist Silverado, whose work has been featured here before at Erotic Mad Science. This is another Brides of the Grote Opdracht illustration, a theme on which we have seen work before by Rafael Suzarte, Lucy Fidelis, and Dark Vanessa. For those of you who might have missed them, the backstory for all of these illustrations is the following pseudo-news story, a part of the Bait continuity.

Crews operating a submersible salvage robot near the Southwest Pacific island of Motofupo made an unexpected discovery last week of the nameplate and other debris believed to have belonged to a Dutch sailing ship lost over a century ago. The Grote Opdracht had sailed from Rotterdam in early 1886 taking various cargo and passengers to the Dutch East Indies. She had made her last port of call at Singapore before sailing east with an intended destination in the Molucca Islands. She was never heard from again. That her nameplate was found so far from any plausible course she might have followed suggests that she might have been caught in a freak tropical storm and driven a long distance before finally foundering near Motofupo. The loss of the Grote Opdracht was made especially poignant by the fact that her passenger consist included several young unmarried Dutch and Flemish women, who were traveling east to be brides of Dutch colonial civil servants working in the Moluccas. This tragedy was the subject of a popular if mournful late nineteenth-century Dutch ballad “Mijn geliefde meisje slaapt in de zuidelijke zee.” (“My beloved girl sleeps in the southern sea.”).

I think Silverado really lavished a great deal of attention on this illustration, so it would be worth your while to right-click on the picture in the post and download the high-resolution version. If you like his work generally, I can strongly recommend his DeviantArt gallery.

Apprendre le français XXXV: Appât Page 38

PAGE 38 (Four panels)

Panel 1: HIRAM WORTHINGLOCK (“Hiram”), a rat-faced little man who wears thick round spectacles and a labcoat, sitting on a stool in another laboratory. He is being interviewed.

SUBTITLE (1): Hiram Worthinglock, assistant to Professor Turpentine.

Translation (1): Hiram Worthinglock, assistant du professeur Turpentine.

Hiram (2): Of course, we have our bait, but you can’t just stick a hook through this bait, heh heh.

Comment (2) : “Heh heh,” an evil little laugh.

Translation (2): Bien sûr, nous avons nos appâts, mais vous ne pouvez pas simplement les accrocher à un hameçon, hé hé.

Hiram (3): So we have a more elegant solution.

Translation (3): C’est pourquoi nous avons une solution plus élégante.

Panel 2: Close-up of Hiram’s hand, in which he is holding up something that looks like a Tylenol capsule at the end of a pair of tweezers.

CAPTION – HIRAM NARRATING (4): This capsule contains nano-sensors and a tiny but very powerful explosive charge wrapped in ultra-strong membranes.

Translation (4): Cette capsule contient des nanocapteurs et une charge explosive toute petite, mais très puissante enveloppés dans des membranes ultra-solides.

Panel 3: Hiram standing over an open cylindrical metal tank about one meter across and one meter high. He has just dropped the capsule in the tank, as can be seen by a small drop of fluid rebounding back up and some ripples around it.


Translation (5): Ploop !

Hiram (6): The capsule’s sensors are programmed to be sensitive to chemical changes in the capsule’s environment, as we can see by dropping it in this tank…

Translation (6): Les capteurs de la capsule sont programmés pour être sensibles à des changements chimiques dans l’environnement de la capsule, comme nous pouvons le voir en la déposant dans ce réservoir…

Panel 4: Hiram pouring a flask of some sort of liquid into the tank.

Hiram (7): …and then inducing a chemical change.

Translation (7): …puis en induisant un changement chimique.

Hiram (8): You might want to back up a bit.

Translation (8): Je vous conseille de reculer un peu.

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Apprendre le français XXXIV: Appât Page 37

PAGE 37 (Three panels)

Panel 1: Probably long on the side of the page. Close up view of Eliza in the giant tank wearing the “tentacle swim suit.”

Eliza (balloon with watery lines) (1): … … …

Panel 2: Close-up on a speaker on a control panel.

Eliza (radio balloon coming from speaker) (2): bzzt crackle hoff iss cocks bign faat like dis zz-pop!

Comment (2) : Eliza’s underlying internal monologue here is something like “Yes! Cocks [that is, penises] big and fat like these” but obscured by transmission noise. The translation should include appropriate representations of “noise” and distortion.

Translation (2): bzzt crackle hoff oiiii queues ssi grrroosse ke sa zz-pop !

Panel 3: Claudia and Turpentine, both dressed in coveralls, monitoring progress on a panel.

Claudia (3): Don’t you think we should tell her she has no internal censor going?

Translation (3): Ne pensez-vous pas que nous devrions lui dire qu’aucune censure n’est appliquée en interne ?

Turpentine (4): No! The more we get for science, the better!

Translation (4): Non ! Plus nous obtenons d’éléments pour la science, mieux c’est !

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