Aprender español XLI: Carnada 040

¿No sería maravilloso estar bajo el agua durante horas sin tener que salir a respirar?

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PAGE 40 (Three panels, with Panels 1 and 2 probably stacked on the left-hand side of the page, with Panel 3 taking up the right-hand side of the page. Do Panel 3 in color.)

Panel 1: Professor Turpentine, holding up a syringe which he is pointing to.

Turpentine (1): Of course, we are taking measures to reduce any possible distress in our subjects. For example, we intend to give them an injection of this…

Translation (1): Por supuesto, estamos tomando medidas para reducir cualquier posible ansiedad de nuestras sujetos de estudio. Por ejemplo, tenemos la intención de inyectarles esto…

Panel 2: Eliza, her sleeve rolled up receiving an injection from a NURSE.

CAPTION – TURPENTINE NARRATING (2): …a solution of nanocytes that are thousands of times more efficient than human blood cells at storing and transporting oxygen.

Translation (2): … una solución de nanocitos que son miles de veces más eficientes que las células sanguíneas humanas para almacenar y transportar oxígeno.

Panel 3: Eliza, sitting in a crossed-legs position at the bottom of cylindrical tank wearing a one-piece bathing suit, with a number of sensors attached to wires attached to her. She has her eyes closed.

CAPTION TURPENTINE NARRATING (3): With this injection, an inactive human subject can remain submerged for up to four hours.

Translation (3): Con esta inyección, un sujeto humano inactivo puede permanecer sumergido durante hasta cuatro horas.

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Aprender español XL: Carnada 039

Una mujer es devorada, digerida y explota.

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PAGE 39 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Something like a giant beach ball blowing up into the tank where Hiram dropped the capsule.


Translation (1): ¡BOOOOM!

Panel 2: Hiram pointing to a projected slide. It shows a silhouette of a woman in profile. In the middle of the silhouette, mapped out in white space, is a representation of her digestive tract. A dotted line from her mouth down to her stomach indicates the path that the capsule has presumably taken. Hiram is pointing at a little capsule shown resting in her stomach.

CAPTION – UNSEEN INTERVIEWER (2): How is that supposed to help you capture the creature?

Translation (2): ¿Cómo se supone que eso te ayuda a capturar a la criatura?

Hiram (3): Simple, really. Our subject swallows the capsule at the start of the exercise.

Translation (3): Es muy simple, en realidad. Nuestra sujeto de estudio se traga la cápsula al inicio del ejercicio.

Panel 3: Hiram pointing to another projection. It is a large silhouette of the outline of the creature (or what the research team thinks it looks like anyway). There is a similar white space representing the creature’s digestive tract, and in the middle of that tract, another silhouette of a woman. There is also another dotted line showing the path that the woman took from the mouth of the siphon down to the creature’s stomach.

Hiram (4): In the course of her interaction with the creature, the subject will be ingested and then subsequently digested.

Translation (4): Durante su interacción con la criatura, la sujeto de estudio será ingerida y después digerida.

Panel 4: Another projection, this time showing the creature, change will be detected by but with a FWOOM in the middle of its digestive tract.

Hiram (5): At a sufficiently advanced stage of the digestion of the subject, the chemical change will be detected by the sensors, setting off the explosive charge.

Translation (5): En una etapa suficientemente avanzada de la digestión de la sujeto de estudio, los sensores detectarán el cambio químico, activando la carga explosiva.

Hiram (6): We believe the resulting explosion will both stun the creature and, by changing its buoyancy, force it to the surface, where it can be collected.

Translation (6): Creemos que la explosión aturdirá a la criatura y además, al cambiar su flotabilidad, la obligará a salir a la superficie, donde podrá ser capturada.

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Aprender español XXXIX: Carnada 038

La milagrosa cápsula explosiva de Hiram Worthinglock.

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PAGE 38 (Four panels)

Panel 1: HIRAM WORTHINGLOCK (“Hiram”), a rat-faced little man who wears thick round spectacles and a labcoat, sitting on a stool in another laboratory. He is being interviewed.

SUBTITLE (1): Hiram Worthinglock, assistant to Professor Turpentine.

Translation (1): Hiram Worthinglock, asistente del profesor Turpentine.

Hiram (2): Of course, we have our bait, but you can’t just stick a hook through this bait, heh heh.

Comment (2): “Heh heh,” an evil little laugh.

Translation (2): Por supuesto, tenemos nuestra carnada, pero no puedes simplemente engancharla a un anzuelo, je je.

Hiram (3): So we have a more elegant solution.

Translation (3): Así que tenemos una solución más elegante.

Panel 2: Close-up of Hiram’s hand, in which he is holding up something that looks like a Tylenol capsule at the end of a pair of tweezers.

CAPTION – HIRAM NARRATING (4): This capsule contains nano-sensors and a tiny but very powerful explosive charge wrapped in ultra-strong membranes.

Translation (4): Esta cápsula contiene nanosensores y una carga explosiva pequeña pero muy poderosa envuelta en membranas ultra fuertes.

Panel 3: Hiram standing over an open cylindrical metal tank about one meter across and one meter high. He has just dropped the capsule in the tank, as can be seen by a small drop of fluid rebounding back up and some ripples around it.


Translation (5): ¡Plic!

Hiram (6): The capsule’s sensors are programmed to be sensitive to chemical changes in the capsule’s environment, as we can see by dropping it in this tank…

Translation (6): Los sensores de la cápsula están programados para detectar los cambios químicos en el entorno de la cápsula, como podemos ver al dejarla caer en este tanque…

Panel 4: Hiram pouring a flask of some sort of liquid into the tank.

Hiram (7): …and then inducing a chemical change.

Translation (7: …y después induciendo un cambio químico.

Hiram (8): You might want to back up a bit.

Translation (8): Te recomiendo que retrocedas un poco.

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Aprender español XXXVIII: Carnada 037

Nos encontramos con la mente desnuda de Eliza.

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PAGE 37 (Three panels)

Panel 1: Probably long on the side of the page. Close up view of Eliza in the giant tank wearing the “tentacle swim suit.”

Eliza (balloon with watery lines) (1): … … …

Panel 2: Close-up on a speaker on a control panel.

Eliza (radio balloon coming from speaker) (2): bzzt crackle hoff iss cocks bign faat like dis zz-pop!

Comment (2): Eliza’s underlying internal monologue here is something like “Yes! Cocks [that is, penises] big and fat like these” but obscured by transmission noise. The translation should include appropriate representations of “noise” and distortion.

Translation (2): ¡Bzzt crepitación ooohhh ssssiiiiiii hhhverrgass jjgrandesszz y hhgordassz kcomo eeestassz zz-pop!

Panel 3: Claudia and Turpentine, both dressed in coveralls, monitoring progress on a panel.

Claudia (3): Don’t you think we should tell her she has no internal censor going?

Translation (3): ¿No crees que deberíamos decirle que no hay ninguna censura interna?

Turpentine (4): No! The more we get for science, the better!

Translation (4): ¡No! ¡Cuantos más detalles obtengamos para la ciencia, mejor!

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