Progress in polyglot perversion

I sometimes forget to post these things, but within the last month we’ve managed to put together translations of Bubbles into Vietnamese:

Bubbles in Vietnamese

And also Farsi, which is to say the principal language of Iran and Tajikistan, and also western Afghanistan: Bubbles in Farsi

Who some would see as enemies, I would rather make friends. That’s the power of porn, amigos!

Oh, and by the way also Bengali:

Bubbles in Bengali

“And that is how I spent my summer vacation.”

Now this…is just sort of silly

I’m not sure the spandex is the most nutritious bit, Mr. Mars Monster.

This image is Bikini Eaters from Mars 2 by the German artist Krakenkatz (formerly GrandPa). If you like this sort of thing, you should check out his peril-icious gallery. The post is a reblog from 16 March 2015 post at Infernal Wonders.

Still more bait-spiration

The ocean is a dangerous place if you’re pretty.

This image is a reblog from this 9 March 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. The provenance of the illustration isn’t completely clear, but it bears a signature “Kras 2008” and a printed link to Legion Comicx, apparently a Spanish-language publisher of, among other things, erotic horror comics.