Volume 04, Number 05

Volume 4, Number 5

Things look very desperate at the State Home for Wayward Girls as the government’s mad science conspiracy links up with Helga Kupler’s sinister sex slavery operation. Maureen Creel is just one college student, but she knows science and has a plan. Maureen has a mortal choice to make. Will she be able to make it and save innocent lives? Find out in this thrilling concluding chapter of Invisible Girl, Heroine.

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Maureen Creel represented as Pallas Athena.

Page One

Strangeways grumbles about the abuse of his human material.

Page Two

Four naked girls float in tubes, awaiting shipment out.  (Color page.)

Page Three

Agent Ulrich refers to the Iran-Contra affair to justify selling Waywards into slavery.

Page Four

Helga Kupler is introduced to Strangeways, and praises the transport tubes.

Page Five

Helga Kupler expresses an interest in adding Bridget O'Brian to her permanent collection.

Page Six

Agent Ulrich superintends the loading of a tube girl for shipment.

Page Seven

Maureen visits a sympathetic doctors and makes up a story to get scanned.

Page Eight

Jill-Prime is interviewed by Strangeways, who flaunts his control of her.

Page Nine

Jill-Prime is escorted out for some sort of mission, leaving the State Home for Wayward Girls.

Page Ten

Invisible Maureen takes out a guard with his own taser.

Page Eleven

Invisible Maureen starts a human reconstitution process.

Page Twelve

The guys watching the monitors at the State Home for Wayward Girls see something wrong.

Page Thirteen

Security guards respond to an alarm at the State Home for Wayward Girls.

Page Fourteen

Invisible Maureen starts kicking prison-guard ass.

Page Fifteen

Maureen is outlined in the sprinkler water, and the guards subdue her.

Page Sixteen

Someone is breaking out of the State Home for Wayward Girls!

Page Seventeen

Invisible Maureen is captured and bound in Strangeways/'s machine.

Page Eighteen

Agent Ulrich is impressed by Maureen's infiltration of the State Home for Wayward Girls.

Page Nineteen

Maureen reminds Strangeways of a phrase he once used.

Page Twenty

It becomes clear that Maureen is on an orgasmic suicide mission.

Page Twenty-One

Maureen orgasms, blowing out a substantial chunk of the State Home for Wayward Girls.

Page Twenty-Two

A naked duplicate of Maureen escapes the chaos.

Page Twenty-Three

SAIC Macneil and SA Smith poke through the rubble of a demolished State Home building.

Page Twenty-Four

A news report shows that the State Home occupants have been evacuated.

Page Twenty-Five

Page Twenty-Six

Maureen discusses the secret of her strange identity with Willie.

Page Twenty-Seven

Maureen is back teaching science to inmates of the State Home for Wayward Girls.

Page Twenty-Eight

Eve announces that she was saved from the horrors of F-Block.


Pauline and Jewell shown floating naked in tubes.

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