Volume 10, Number 08

Volume 10, Number 8:

“The Nion Encephalon Enrichment, Part 4”

Note: This story was guest-written by Shon Richards. Guided by the enigmatic Naked Clown Woman, self-experimenting student Austin Grove find himself entering a surreal erotic world that overlays the banal existence he knew before. But two groups, one of vampiric faculty and another of mad scientist sorority sisters, are still in pursuit, and the possible consequences of Austin’s experimentation are themselves potentially catastrophic. How will Austin’s fate be resolved? Find out in this concluding chapter of his story!

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Let us be in awe at the power of Clown Woman

Page One

Fortune does favor the bold, Hillary.

Page Two

The orc-on energy is poisoning Austin's brain?

Page Three

Many people think it is important not to die by exploding.

Page Four

Shit balls.

Page Five

Vampire faculty back on the prowl.

Page Six

Austin is so turned on he doesn't even care, folks.

Page Seven

All your houses now be butts.

Page Eight

Watch out Janelle!

Page Nine

Why are all the houses turned into giant butts?

Page Ten

Austin has questions, but who has answers?

Page Eleven

It's students versus faculty again, only this time the faculty brought tasers.

Page Twelve

Pamela Fowler with an orgone-meter is dangerous.

Page Thirteen

A quick tour of the erotic-hallucination version of Gnosis College.

Page Fourteen

Who hasn't thought of having sex in church on Christmas?

Page Fifteen

Werewolf, knight, naked woman hanging in chains.

Page Sixteen

Okay, now fuck me!

Page Seventeen

When something glows at Gnosis College, you'd better run!

Page Eighteen

Shit! Austin is ready to explode!

Page Nineteen


Page Twenty

...and it exploded.

Page Twenty-One

Shit is now fucked up and shit.

Page Twenty-Two

Clown Woman left the boring world.

Page Twenty-Three

Professor Fowler truly doesn't belong here.

Page Twenty-Four

Oh, dear.  This isn't pretty at all.

Page Twenty-Five

Be...all that you can be!

Page Twenty-Six

Austin has changed.

Page Twenty-Seven

Epilogue:  A curious cold war.

Page Twenty-Eight

Fucking unawares...


Clown Woman, looking friendly.

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