Volume 05, Number 01

Volume 5, Number 1

Defeated by Maureen Creel’s heroic self-sacrifice in his attempt to make the State Home for Wayward Girls a base for his nefarious operations, Colonel Madder begins a new project with an obscene surgical alteration of one of his subordinates. Meanwhile, back on the campus of Gnosis College, the intrepid Professor Rebecca Waite is beginning some new mad science of her own, using drugs and machines and her supremely dirty-minded lab assistant Michiko to infiltrate the dreams of her undergraduate subjects, one of whom will be transported to a mystical oriental city, court a princess and meet a fate stranger than death itself…

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"Princess" Michiko looks out of a nighttime dreamscape city

Page One

Colonel Madder invites John Samson and a nurse into his library.

Page Two

Samson stands naked and erect in front of Madder, Nurse White looks on.

Page Three

Samson raises his dick to show his control, then raises his arm in a fascist salute.

Page Four

Samson fucks Nurse White from behind to demonstrate his prowess to the Colonel.

Page Five

Madder finds precedent for mad science in Augustine's City of God.

Page Six

Michiko Maeda preps a subject in Professor Waite's dreamlab.

Page Seven

Michiko attaches science junk to Rob in various sensitive places.

Page Eight

The principals in Rebecca Waite's lab get ready to run an experiment.

Page Nine

Michiko Maeda gets naked and gets into a tub of sensory gel.

Page Ten

A fantastic cityscape that sets the "place" for Rob's dream.

Page Eleven

Dreamscape Rob carries a gift for someone through a souk.

Page Twelve

Rob bribes a palace official to deliver a present.

Page Thirteen

Rob's dream present is thrown from a high tower and shatters to the ground.

Page Fourteen

Rob tries a gift of jewelry.  It goes to the dogs.

Page Fifteen

Rob's gift disappears into the souk.

Page Sixteen

Rob attempts a gift of food, which is fed to pigs.

Page Seventeen

Rob consults a sorceress in the attempt to win a princess.

Page Eighteen

Rob writes a letter promising some formidable magic for the princess.

Page Nineteen

Rob is turned to ashes and goo by the sorceress spell.  Well, he asked for it!

Page Twenty

Princess Michiko drinks liquid Rob.

Page Twenty-One

Princess Michiko is made love to from the inside by liquid Rob.

Page Twenty-Two

Princess Michiko in ecstasy in her bath

Page Twenty-Three

Rob is reconstituted, proceeds to fuck Michiko from the outside this time.

Page Twenty-Four

The afterglow between Rob and Michiko.  The Princess makes a request.

Page Twenty-Five

Rob uses the Princess's jewel to buy more liquification.

Page Twenty-Six

Michiko has more ecstasy with liquid Rob in her.

Page Twenty-Seven

Princess Michiko decides she wants to keep liquid Rob in her.

Page Twenty-Eight

Michiko dumps out Rob's salts, effectively trapping him inside her forever.

Page Twenty-Nine

The dream ends, Michiko rises and stretches.


Gnosis coed Michiko Maeda poses in her princess role.

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