Volume 05, Number 02

Volume 5, Number 2

Colonel Madder unveils details of his newest conspiracy, one that will restore “morality” to the world at the price of mass suffering and death. Lieutenant Samson is to be his prime agent an Gnosis College his proving ground. Oblivious to the horror that is about to be unleashed upon them, Professor Waite and her brace of devoted student researchers continue their mad-science research in the dream-lab, an and unsuspecting undergraduate will learn to what misuses you will be put, when conquered by the sorts of terrifying pirates your imagination can conjure up.

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The hero of our chapter sails the oceans blue with his pants down.

Page One

Colonel Madder and Samson visit a government biowarfare lab.

Page Two

A visit to the chimp laboratory at the biowar facility.

Page Three

Effects of a mad science biowarfare program on chimps are revealed.

Page Four

Madder explains how unleashing a plague will improve morality, as he sees it.

Page Five

Jill Keeney stalked on campus by her own double.

Page Six

The dreamlab crew is working on another subject.

Page Seven

Willie tunes in a dream and sees a three-masted sailing ship.

Page Eight

Bill stands on the deck of a dream ship, in command.

Page Nine

Bill orders cannons to be fired on pirates, to less than stunning effect.

Page Ten

A fantastical array of pirates awaits to board Bill's ship.

Page Eleven

A swarm of strange characters begin boarding Bill's ship.

Page Twelve

Bill wants to make the pirates taste British spunk.

Page Thirteen

Bill's crew has been defeated and captured and are being enslaved.

Page Fourteen

A pirate ravishes Michiko's lady's maid, while the ship is searched.

Page Fifteen

Michiko is captured and stripped, as is Bill.

Page Sixteen

Bill and Michiko are tied naked together over a barrel.

Page Seventeen

The pirates come up with a game to see how they will relieve themselves.

Page Eighteen

Bill vows to right the wrongs the pirates have done.

Page Nineteen

Michiko poses as the Pirate Queen!

Page Twenty

Bill is thrown overboard by the pirates.

Page Twenty-One

Bill emerges from his dream, the participants in the dreamlab comment.

Page Twenty-Two

John Samson attempts to fit in as a student at Gnosis College.

Page Twenty-Three

Bill engages in a game of strip poker with his friends.

Page Twenty-Four

Abigail doesn't seem all that unhappy to have lost all her clothes.

Page Twenty-Five

John Samson brings beer to make things up with Bill.

Page Twenty-Six

Samson decides to look into the dream study, and we get to see Michiko bound naked on the deck on more time.


Abigail is down to only her panties and doesn't have a winning hand.

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