Volume 09, Number 07

Volume 9, Number 7

Betsy Brown and Jack Rock are an all-American couple who seem to have everything going for them. Jack is the toughest cop in the tough technology boomtown of Diesel City, and his heroics have recently won him a promotion to the rank of Captain. But when Jack’s encounter with cyborg Black Engine takes a perilous turn, Betsy will turn to mad science in hopes of saving her fiancé from a fate stranger than death. Will anyone survive? Find out in this story-within-a-story chapter of the Tales of Gnosis College.

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A trench-coat wearing man shields a dame from a mysterious ray gun.

Page One


Page Two

Lt. Rock batmans his way in to rescue diplomatic hostages.

Page Three

Jack Rock gets a medal and a promotion.

Page Four

Friends in a diner.

Page Five

jack Rock has giant gun that goes 'foom!'

Page Six

Always be careful when counting your money.

Page Seven

Soo Ling means serious business.

Page Eight

Soo Ling, freedom fighter.

Page Nine


Page Ten

Making a mad science weapon.

Page Eleven

A real American hero tries to save the Limbaugh Chemical Works., which makes poison gas an incendiaries.

Page Twelve

Jack Rock's big gun goes FOOM!

Page Thirteen

No man, all machine.  Can't be right.

Page Fourteen

Ray gun versus big gun showdown.

Page Fifteen

Ray gun beats rocket gun.

Page Sixteen

Captain Jack is a real rock, if you know what I mean.

Page Seventeen

A hero one day, stored in the file room the next.

Page Eighteen

Betsy tries to drown her sorrows in whiskey and popular science magazines.

Page Nineteen

Urulchek does his science stuff.

Page Twenty

Betsy Brown, All-American heroine.

Page Twenty-One

All zipped in, Betsy?

Page Twenty-Two

Betsy is fetchingly outlined in a vacuum bed.

Page Twenty-Three

Uh oh, bad mad science mistake.  Always check your units!

Page Twenty-Four

Pour, I mean poor, Betsy.

Page Twenty-Five

Something of Betsy remains, evidently.

Page Twenty-Six

Betsy tries to reform, er, re-form.

Page Twenty-Seven

Remember who you are!

Page Twenty-Eight

Betsy reforms.

Page Twenty-Nine

Betsy's back, baby!

Page Thirty

A superhero confrontation is a-brewing.


Soo Ling in a sexy black catsuit.

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