Volume 07, Number 07

Volume 7, Number 7

Having escaped from the sinister machinations of Colonel Madder, our student mad science heroes turn their attention to Cleo Mount and her insistence that her life depends return to the deep rainforest where she had a bizarre biological encounter the year before. The former Professor Corwin’s money and contacts should make getting out of the country no very great problem, but what unearthly horrors might await them in the steamy tropics? Find out in this chapter.

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Giant naked goddess Cleo Mount towers over the landscape.

Page One

SAIC Macneil addresses an out-of-panel Madder

Page Two

Naked amputee Colonel Madder hangs in a giant spiderweb.

Page Three

Little Willie explores the interior of an old brick kiln, looking for treasure.

Page Four

Little Willie holds a sovereign from the reign of William and Mary

Page Five

Aloysius and Co. escape from Pleasant Prairie

Page Six

Aloysius and Co. benefit from the skills of a master forger.

Page Seven

Helga and Jireen drink together at an airport bar prior to a flight to Asia.

Page Eight

Aloysius, Cleo, and Jireen fly to, and then leave, Singapore.

Page Nine

Aloysius and Co. follow Cleo deep into the rainforest of North Borneo.

Page Ten

Cleo stands gloriously naked in the rainforest.

Page Eleven

Cleo is warmly welcomed back by the Wise Woman.

Page Twelve

Aloysius and Jireen are introduced to Tondelayo's people.

Page Thirteen

Aloysius introduced to topless jungle woman Tondelayo.

Page Fourteen

Gorgeous naked Cleo takes a shower under a waterfall.

Page Fifteen

Cleo looks into her future and doesn't like what she sees.

Page Sixteen

Cleo explains further that she seeks to escape being human.

Page Seventeen

Cleo tells Jireen that transformation will require sacrifice.

Page Eighteen

Tondelayo spikes Aloysius Kim's drink.

Page Nineteen

Tondelayo moves fast to seduce Aloysius.

Page Twenty

Aloysius vigorously fucks Tondelayo from behind.

Page Twenty-One

Commencement:  Chapter Seven, Page Twenty-One

Page Twenty-Two

Cleo fellates Ulu one last time.

Page Twenty-Three

Cleo sucks Ulu dry, then begins to transform.

Page Twenty-Four

A giant spider is born out of the husk of Cleo Mount.

Page Twenty-Five

Jireen retrieves Aloysius and leads him away from Tondelayo.

Page Twenty-Six

Jireen and Aloysius are now flying off to find Corwin.

Page Twenty-Seven

Jireen and Aloysius arrive at Corwin's dock.

Page Twenty-Eight

Aloysius and Corwin finally meet face to face.


Pin-up of Tondelayo.

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4 thoughts on “Volume 07, Number 07

  1. Tondelayo opened her fist? Does that mean their progeny will make an appearance someday at Gnosis College?

  2. I greatly admire how Cleo wishes to live a simple life in a tribal society landing off the land and having nature provide her with she neeeds.I think that more people should live this way.

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