Volume 09, Number 09

Volume 9, Number 9

This chapter continues the story set by Taylor Chase in his imagined dieselpunk alternate world. Victim of mad science gone wrong Betsy Brown is coaxed out of seclusion by her friend Sergeant Dan Steele. She resolves to use her unique powers to help the police in their fight against one of Diesel City’s wealthiest and most vicious criminal gangs. Can our girl Betsy find success and happiness as a woman-shaped agglomeration of living blue goo? Find out in this chapter of the Tales of Gnosis College.

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Betsy blows out of the glassware, stunning Dr. Urulchek

Page One

Betsy Brown gets a visit from Dan Steele.

Page Two

A perspex shell of Betsy Brown's self.

Page Three

Betsy pours herself into her own perspex shell.

Page Four

The power is surging through Betsy, and it feels good.

Page Five

Bridget emerges from her tank, provides Dan a drink.

Page Six

Terrible things happen with gangsters in Diesel City.

Page Seven

Robbery of the State Bank in Tiflis!

Page Eight

The man who would have been Stalin arrives at Ellis Island

Page Nine

Young Stalin ages into old Uncle Joe, successful gangster.

Page Ten

The interior of the Club Paradise:  nice.

Page Eleven

Mess with the gangs of Diesel City and you're likely to come to a humiliating end.

Pag Twelve

Gnosis Pharmacology:  Chapter Nine, Page Twelve

Page Thirteen

They key to crime control is sound knowledge of the sewers.

Page Fourteen

At least these pages were pretty easy for Lon to draw.

Page Fifteen

There are advantages to not being solid.

Page Sixteen

The mayor of Diesel City gets what he needs.

Page Seventeen

In pool fucking is always fun, but requires oil- or silicone-based lubricants.

Page Eighteen

Aha!  The gang...

Page Nineteen

Gnosis Pharmacology:  Chapter Nine, Page Nineteen

Page Twenty

But uranium is so heavy!

Page Twenty-One

Calling the cavalry on the uranium plot.

Page Twenty-Two

Train robbery gone bad.

Page Twenty-Three

Betsy takes congratulations from President Joseph Kennedy.

Page Twenty-Four

Goo girl gets horny

Page Twenty-Five

Goo girl seduction.

Page Twenty-Six

Betsy takes getting in Dan's pants rather literally

Page Twenty-Seven

Goo girl poolside sex.

Page Twenty-Eight

A lecture of importance.

Page Twenty-Nine

Someone is going to pay a fearful price for what they've done.


Goo girl Betsy Brown poses in her natural form.

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