Volume 11, Number 07

Volume 11, Number 7:

The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter 7

Note: This volume was guest-written by Vinnie Tesla. The Monsters of Science return to Gnosis College for a monster throwdown against the forces of Munkytown, while Kat Carter ventures to penetrate Gnosis’s Dangerous Books Room in search of an algorithm that represents a threat to humanity itself.

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Showdown between porny heroes and puritan villains!

Page One

Here's a tip: get a real car.

Page Two

Pose as a team, because shit just got real.

Page Three

The flight of the fascina!

Page Four

Hard not to watch, isn't it guys?

Page Five

The Eidolon having fun with fascina.

Page Six

You've seen it.  You can't unsee it.

Page Seven

Poor little fascina are all tuckered out.

Page Eight

On approach to the museum.

Page Nine

The Stewart Algorithm!

Page Ten

Yes, it's mind control all over again.

Page Eleven

Good old dangerous books room.

Page Twelve

The Principia Homeopathica...

Page Thirteen

Mayor Munky has something really sinister planned.

Page Fourteen

Being loud and annoying is indeed part of the Monsters skillset.

Page Fifteen

A giant tree on the main Gnosis lawn.

Page Sixteen

Mayor Munky resorts to lethal force.

Page Seventeen

The Eidolon is cut in half!

Page Eighteen

Munkytowners, attack!

Page Nineteen

Fascina!  It is on!

Page Twenty

Bring it, you bluenose baboon!

Page Twenty-One

Virtual Monkey Mayov versus Tentacle Man

Page Twenty-Two

Too avant-guard for many.

Page Twenty-Three

It always ends up with someone breaking into a museum.

Page Twenty-Four

The vents are never this dusty in games.

Page Twenty-Five

Hooded figures with knives, always lurking around in Egyptology.

Page Twenty-Six

Nothing like outraged LARPers to confuse a serious situation.

Page Twenty-Seven

If I met someone who spoke in #hashtags, I would #kickhissorryass.

Page Twenty-Eight

Nothing like a universal remote from breaking high-security locks.

Page Twenty-Nine

Oh crap! Giant snake!


Evil Sorceress Varlass looks pretty pleased with whom she's been brought.

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