Volume 10, Number 06

Volume 10, Number 6:

“The Nion Encephalon Enrichment, Part 2”

Note: This story was guest-written by Shon Richards. Psychology student Austin Grove’s freelance experiments with drugs and the strange practices of a nineteenth-century mathematician-mystic appear to have transformed him into Gnosis College’s sexual superman, and he copulates his merry way across campus with wild abandon. But there is a serpent in the erotic paradise of Austin’s undergraduate existence, in the form of a sinister cadre of Gnosis faculty stalking him. It does not appear to help matters that Austin now can’t seem to rid himself of visions of a naked clown woman. To be sure, the admissions brochures for Gnosis College promised adventures in the life of the mind, but will this all prove too much for Austin’s life and his mind?

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It's like poor Austin fell into a production of Deadly Weapons!

Page One

Austin's dreams are very strange these days.

Page Two

Austin goes all-out Asian.

Page Three

Up at at 'em, Austin!

Page Four

Lesbian seductions, naked clown women; things are sort of strange in Austin's world right now.

Page Five

Austin's really a very busy young man these days.

Page Six

Oh, shit!  It's tentacle-monster G. Gordon Liddy!

Page Seven

It's tentacle-creeps everywhere!

Page Eight

Austin must be wondering whether this is an out-of-the-frying-pan, into-the-fire situation.

Page Nine

Too late, Austin, you're tasered.

Page Ten

Well, a lot of help Clown Woman seems to be.

Page Eleven

What the fuck, indeed.

Page Twelve

Austin Grove wired into a Sinister Machine

Page Thirteen

Pamela Fowler and her enormous bust have something to say to Austin

Page Fourteen

Why does Austin keep seeing a naked clown lady?

Page Fifteen

Who wouldn't fuck as much as possible, given the circumstances?

Page Sixteen

Ah, good old sexual vampirism!

Page Seventeen

The blood!

Page Eighteen

Uh oh, the fellatio worked.

Page Nineteen

The sigil doesn't work for just everybody.

Page Twenty

More imprudent experiments.

page Twenty-One

A mystery of the sigil.

Page Twenty-Two

Be careful when having sex with mad scientists, as you never really know their motives.

Page Twenty-Three

On the other hand, maybe Scott's existence isn't so bad.

Page Twenty-Four

Too much mad science sex can make you grotesque,.

Page Twenty-Five

This might be the end of Scott, but seriously, what a way to go!

Page Twenty-Six

Austin seems unsure that he wants to explode.

Page Twenty-Seven

Uh oh, more exploders.

Page Twenty-Eight

Meanwhile, the sisters of Gnosis's maddest sorority have shown up for their own mysterious purposes.


Sarah Inouye

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