Volume 09, Number 03

Volume 9, Number 3

Taylor Chase struggles with memories from his unsuccessful attempt to rescue Marie Martin from vile sex slavers and suffers an erotic nightmare. In an attempt to distract himself from the bad memories, he takes to his drawing pad and begins building an imagined dieselpunk world in which the German Empire won the First (and only) World War. Meanwhile Medea Feldstein and Fatima Fadil decide to test their latest mad-science drug creation on a God-bothering fellow student with whom Medea has been feuding. Are the results sexy or horrifying? You can decide when you read this latest chapter of the Tales of Gnosis College.

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Achtung!  Wohllustgas!

Page One

Airships were great

Page Two

What if the Hindenburg had never crashed?

Page Three

Haters gonna hate

Page Four

We've been having a problem with pests

Page Five

Sweet dreams, Taylor.

Page Six

Sex to climax to liquid to death

Page Seven

The Bible is better when you're on drugs

Page Eight

Counterfactual history ahoy!

Page Nine

A mighty airship under construction

Page Ten

The arrogance of empire

Page Eleven

An assassination in Sarajevo

Page Twelve

An alternative to the Schlieffen plan changes world history

Page Thirteen

A mighty airship fleet strikes

Page Fourteen

Things blow up all over Europe.

Page Fifteen

Well, it's what Hitler would have wanted, anyway.

Page Sixteen

I'll bet they're asleep in New York. I'll bet they're asleep all over America.

Page Seventeen

America the strong!

Page Eighteen

Science and technology must be the sword and shield of liberty

Page Nineteen

America goes dieselpunk.

Page Twenty

Diesel City is the gleaming metropolis of yesterday's tomorrow.

Page Twenty-One

Trouble...right here in Diesel City

Page Twenty-Two

Phyllis is working toward the three-hour-shower club

Page Twenty-Three


Page Twenty-Four

Overcome that shame, Phyllis girl!

Page Twenty-Five

To that first kiss.

Page Twenty-Six

You go, girls!

Page Twenty-Seven

You keep going, girls!

Page Twenty-Eight

The chemistry continues.  As does the biology.


Hot Doris Romero

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