Volume 03, Number 03

Volume 3, Number 3

The mad-science antics of our student protagonists grow more serious. Maureen stalks the spectral anal-sex enthusiast from the college chapel to its apparent lair in the physics building and makes an astonishing technological discovery. Aloysius engineers the technical remnants left by the vanished Moira Weir into an infernal device to great self-transformative effect. And Willie submits to further testing of the fortuitous hypnotic discovery made by him and Professor Rebecca Waite. Willie expects just a merry romp, but finds the Professor Waite has more sinister plans…

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Aloysius as St. Sebastian

Page One

Aloysius peruses the news and drinks coffee

Page Two

A spectre is haunting Aloysius Kim, the spectre of Moira!

Page Three

Time pases slowly for Aloysius waiting for a date who never shows.

Page Four

Maureen goes a-looking for a shotgun microphone.

Page Five

"I'm not easy but I hope you're hard."

Page Six

State security thugs have made a mess of things.

Page Seven

Page Eight

Maureen rigs up surveillance of...anal sex Jesus?

Page Nine

Lola Belt buttfucked by invisible Jesus.

Page Ten

The mysterious presence ejaculated inside Lola.

Page Eleven

Lola has been buttfucked but good.

Page Twelve

Maureen chasing something using hearing alone.

Page Thirteen

Maureen continues her pursuit into the physics building.

Page Fourteen

Aloysius finds out about nanotechnology and...

Page Fifteen

Moira gets all tentacle sexed, while Aloysius watches in disgust.

Page Sixteen

Aloysius starts tinkering with all sorts of junk.

Page Seventeen

Maureen snaps at, then consoles, Aloysius

Page Eighteen

Maureen cracks the security to a lab.

Page Nineteen

Maureen finds a madlab behind a locked door in the physics building.

Page Twenty

Maureen zaps herself with the mad science technology, turns invisible!

Page Twenty-One

Aloysius strips to his boxers and prepares to enter his machine.

Page Twenty-Two

Aloysius gets pricked by the tentacles of his machine.

Page Twenty-Three

Aloysius gets transformed by his machine.

Page Twenty-Four

Aloysius's transformation gives him an enormous cock as well.

Page Twenty-Five

Willie is offered a drink before an experiment with Waite.

Page Twenty-Six

Willie feels the effects of getting slipped a mickey by Professor Waite.


Lola Belt exposes herself to wholesome influences.

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