Volume 06, Number 04

Volume 6, Number 4

Converging college pranks go shockingly awry as Dolly Gibson’s attempt to humiliate Iris Brockman facilitates the abduction of her limbless, headless torso by horny Omega fratboys who mistake it for an exotic sex toy. Meanwhile Buck Yale’s attempted seduction of Cleo Mount leads to horrifying consequences as certain changes Cleo is undergoing manifest themselves at an inconvenient moment. Iris will have a long night sorting things out only to come home to find that she has received a mysterious package from Japan…

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Cleo Mount pulls a spiderman on a dormitory wall.

Page One

Omega pledges stage a raid on Buck Yale's room.

Page Two

Omega pledges Tom and Dick discover Dolly's living torso.

Page Three

Dolly's torso is amazingly...lifelike.

Page Four

Dolly's detached head awaits its strange fate in the Gnosis College library.

Page Five

Omega pledges carrying Dolly's torso run into Buck and Cleo.

Page Six

Iris unveils Dolly's head on Iris's carrel, and is rather less impressed than Dolly hoped.

Page Seven

Iris engages in a colloquy with Dolly's detached head.

Page Eight

Cleo bites Buck, knocking him cold.

Page Nine

Pedro samples the delights offered by the "dolly."

Page Ten

Pedro proposes a gang-bang of the dolly as part of initiation.

Page Eleven

Iris carrries Dolly's detached head across campus.

Page Twelve

Iris gets warned of weird events by Officer Jack Cleary.

Page Thirteen

Spidery Cleo has Buck bound to the wall of his room with her webs.

Page Fourteen

Cleo climbs into her web and prepares to fuck Buck.

Page Fifteen

Dolly realizes that her partner isn't Buck -- it's a whole line of Omega initates.

Page Sixteen

Detached limbs emerge from Buck's drawers, interrupting spider Cleo.

Page Seventeen

Iris bursts into Buck's room to find Buck bound and most of Dolly's body missing.

Page Eighteen

Iris attempts to re-assemble what is left of Dolly.

Page Nineteen

Iris takes compass readings to try to find Dolly's misssing torso.

Page Twenty

Iris triangulates on her map to find...Omega House.

Page Twenty-One

Swordswoman Iris storms Omega House.

Page Twenty-Two

Dolly's detached head roars at the Omega boys, scaring them shitless.

Page Twenty-Three

Dolly is re-assembled, but Buck is still bound.

Page Twenty-Four

Iris Brockman kidnaps Buck Yale's penis!

Page Twenty-Five

Buck is horrified, and Dolly nonchalant, at the abduction of Buck's penis.

Page Twenty-Six

Iris's neighbor Claudia gives Iris a package from Japan.

Page Twenty-Seven

Iris assembles a sinister-looking ray-gun like device.

Page Twenty-Eight

Iris drops off the penis she has abducted, and spreads Internet rumors.

Page Twenty-Nine

Professor Aphrodite Mora interrupted in her bath.


Claudia poses in a see-through nighty.

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