Volume 08, Number 03

Volume 8, Number 3

When confronted with evidence that his beloved Marie is the captive of a sinister organization of sex slavers, Gnosis College student Taylor Chase is determined make whatever sacrifice is needed to redeem her. And thanks to mad science there is a course for him to follow, in which he changes his very gender as part of a plan to penetrate the tenebrous erotic underworld into which she has been carried off. But can Taylor manage the transition and its many strange demands? Find out in this strange chapter of the Tales of Gnosis College.

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Taylor Chase about to club down copulating snakes.

Page One

Taylor makes contact with iris Brockman.

Page Two

Marie Martin, bound and enslaved.

Page Three

Jill and Iris propose a deal to send Taylor  to look for Bridget and Marie.

Page Four

iris continues her recruitment of Taylor.

Page Five

Taylor gets scanned.

Page Six

Taylor gets zapped with transforming radiation.

Page Seven

Taylor finishes his session.

Page Eight

Taylor beings to change.

Page Nine

A transition sequence for Taylor

Page Ten

Taylor begins to adjust to her transition.

Page Eleven

Taylor admires her new female form.

Page Twelve

Taylor is put through gender training.

Page Thirteen

Kareem makes a good young David.

Page Fourteen

Gnosis Transformations:  Chapter Three, Page Fourteen

Page Fifteen

Kareem fucks Taylor from behind.

Page Sixteen

Taylor heads out to make some conquests of her own.

Page Seventeen

Taylor gets a transmitter stuck in her brain.

Page Eighteen

Taylor heads off to Munai.

Page Nineteen

Taylor gets to waitress in a ridiculous little black dress.

Page Twenty

Taylor gets picked up by Kupler.

Page Twenty-One

Taylor signs up to be a 'sex slave.'

Page Twenty-Two

The induction of a sex slave.

Page Twenty-Three

Taylor sold like a piece of meat!

Page Twenty-Four

Taylor tied up and fucked anally.

Page Twenty-Five

Gnosis Transformations:  Chapter Three, Page Twenty-Five

Page Twenty-Six

The Texan enjoys the spectacle.

Page Twenty-Seven

Taylor agrees to take it to the next level.


Taylor sure did learn to dress herself.

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4 thoughts on “Volume 08, Number 03

  1. That girl who dropped out once they were ordered to strip looks like the one who dropped out when it was Bridget’s turn to strip and get sold off. I think she might have been a plant.

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