Volume 09, Number 06

Volume 9, Number 6

Taylor Chase continues to be plagued by nightmares generated by his scholarship and involving his deceased lover Marie Martin. He resolves to take his doubts about Vernon Jackson’s work to Professor Rebecca Waite, who might be able to make sense of the strange decrypted manuscript provided for him by amoral math genius Medea Feldstein. Meanwhile, word of Medea and her companion Fatima Fadil’s wildcat drug experiments is beginning to leak out, attracting the attention of dangerous spooks from far away…with some fatal consequences.

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A sybarite luxuriates with an opium pip.

Page One

A dream of Nazisploitation.

Page Two

Voluptuous allied agent captured and placed in the tube of torment!

Page Three

A happy Heinrich Himmler!

Page Four

Another nightmare for poor Taylor Chase.

Page Five

It dawns on Taylor that history is not self-interpreting.

Page Six

Sending comics can't help weird shit on campus.

Page Seven

Phyllis gets naked and gets striped.

Page Eight

Time for some science expertise.

Page Nine

Hotel hijinks.

Page Ten

Even the cops are appalled.

Page Eleven

Sexual boredom is a curse.

Page Twelve

Aw, cute little hamster.

Page Thirteen

Aw, poor little hamster.

Page Fourteen

Most of the best ethics discussions take place over beer.

Page Fifteen

The FBI is back in on the case.

Page Sixteen

A stone whodunnit.

Page Seventeen

Igor reads Schopenhauer.

Page Eighteen

A meeting at Professor Waite's house with her young 'wards..'

Page Nineteen

There's trouble, trouble, trouble, right here in Pleasant Prairie.

Page Twenty

Let's roll, Agent Ong.

Page Twenty-One

Time for some recriminations about someone else's mad science.

Page Twenty-Two

This is why government surveillance is a bad idea.

Page Twenty-Three

This Christmas, give the gift of dangerous mad-science drugs.

Page Twenty-Four

Help us, iris Brockman.  You're our last hope!

Page Twenty-Five

Special Agent Ong does special FBI field interviews.

Page Twenty-Six

Electrical torture.  It's fun!

Page Twenty-Seven

An idea...

Page Twenty-Eight

All that work on the cosplay, only to have another agency called in.


Who doesn't like a little Federal law enforcement cheesecake now and then?

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