Volume 06, Number 05

Volume 6, Number 5

Events come to a boil as Iris Brockman discovers in herself the talent of a master manipulator, leveraging his own abducted penis against Buck Yale to lure her nemesis Professor Aphrodite Mora into an extraordinary confrontation that produces, among other things, a very surprising job offer. Though perhaps Iris’s efforts are all a sideshow as the shadowy machinations of Colonel Madder continue in the background. This chapter is at once the stunning conclusion of Where Am I? and the transition into the shocking confrontation of the next volume of the Tales of Gnosis College.

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Iris and her sword stand with a duded-up Buck Yale against a backdrop of lights.

Page One

Marie contemplates poor John Samson, trapped in his never-ending dreamworld.

Page Two

Marie is recruited to work for Colonel Madder

Page Three

Buck Yale dreams of a Japanese bathhouse.

Page Four

Page Five

Dream Buck undresses dream Michiko with a gun.

Page Six

Buck wakes up from his erotic dream to find that his penis is still detached.

Page Seven

Iris sends the frustrated a Buck a text message with a proposal.

Page Eight

Tanya and friends sit around and smoke, trading fantasies.

Page Nine

Tanya fantasizes about stripping naked before a classical music audience.

Page Ten

Dr. Srinivas plays a naked Tanya Yip as a musical instrument.

Page Eleven

Tanya dreams of vocal glory in Verdi's Requiem.

Page Twelve

Iris visits Wagner in the student bar and asks for a favor.

Page Thirteen

Page Fourteen

Iris introduces Buck to the joys of high continental theory.

Page Fifteen

Jacques-Michel Maudi leads a naked woman on all fours with a collar.

Page Sixteen

Buck is groaning at the possibility of having to read the work of Maudit.

Page Seventeen

Marie sucks up to Connie, is interrupted by Jireen

Page Eighteen

Iris and Buck (in the role of Maudit) await the arrival of Aphrodite Mora.

Page Nineteen

Iris lays out for Buck how it is that she is luring Mora to the Cave.

Page Twenty

Aphrodite Mora comes on stage to play her part, and Buck delivers his lines.

Page Twenty-One

Buck leads Aphrodite up the garden path.

Page Twenty-Two

Buck manages to persuade Professor Mora to strip naked in front of the lights.

Page Twenty-Three

A color page of Professor Aphrodite Mora standing naked in the light.

Page Twenty-Four

Page Twenty-Five

Iris Brockman uses her ray-device turn Aphrodite Mora into a statue.

Page Twenty-Six

Dean Ford tries to figure out what happens now that Aphrodite Mora has vanished.

Page Twenty-Seven

Statue Aphrodite Mora is carted off, and Takayama is well pleased with Iris.

Page Twenty-Eight

Iris reveals a curious attitude toward death, and gets a job offer from Takayama.

Page Twenty-Nine

Captain Jackson makes a report to Colonel Madder.

Page Thirty

Iris promises help for Connie in a meeting at a bar in Pleasant Prairie.

Page Thirty-One

Jireen and Willie plot in the library, again.

Page Thirty-Two

Jireen determines to recruit Aloysius Kim to the struggle.


Aphrodite Mora sits in such a way as to show us she isn't wearing any panties.

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5 thoughts on “Volume 06, Number 05

  1. In regards to Iris basically killing her professor, remember that some people are alive simply because it is illegal to kill them. I’m sure every body knows some one that they would want dead if they knew they would get away with it, no charges, no investigation, no trial.

    • Some people maybe not, although I do suspect this is true of far more people than would be willing to admit it.

  2. I tried commenting on Iris Brockman is Evil, but I couldn’t. I was thinking about Iris’s experience where she was literally consumed like a piece of meat, and talked about philosophy and transcendence. I thinks she’s moved beyond morality, becoming a ubermench of German philosophy. She pondered the fate of Ashley Madder, who wanted to be admired for her body, forever frozen as a statue, never becoming old and saggy. Aphrodite Mora would’ve eventually been exposed a ridiculed, no longer able to rely on her sexual attraction to bridge the wide gap in her knowledge. In a way, Iris Brockman saved her and gave her eternal life, like in the book people believe is true.

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