Volume 06, Number 01

Volume 6, Number 1

Iris Brockman’s discovery in a big-city museum of an astonishingly life-like statue leads her to wonder about the fate of the mysteriously-disappeared Ashley Madder, but back at Gnosis College Iris is distracted by her growing conviction that one of her philosophy teachers, the sultry Aphrodite Mora, is an intellectual fraud. Meanwhile, aspiring actor and campus lothario Buck Yale, discovers a most unusual bondage toy among the possessions of a disgraced former professor of the drama.

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Limbless Dolly contemplates armless Ashley statue.

Page One

Page Two

Iris finds the notorious Ashley Madder statue.

Page Three

Page Four

Iris is warned about agalmatophiles in the museum.

Page Five

Buck Yale performs Angelo as a military policeman.

Page Six

Lee Porello keeps a spreadsheet of Buck Yale's many female conquests.

Page Seven

Buck and Lee retrieve some interesting abandoned toys from a locker.

Page Eight

Iris gets coffee, while a piece of the Invisible Girl, Heroine story goes on.

Page Nine

Experiments with the hyperspatial cinctures lead to Lee's hand being detached.

Page Ten

Lee's hand is reattached.

Page Eleven

Buck is about to try a hyperspatial cincture on his neck.

Page Twelve

Aphrodite Mora babbles on until Iris interrupts her with a question.

Page Thirteen

Seminar fight over pomo jargon.

Page Fourteen

Madam Anna gives Tanya Yip a singing lesson.

Page Fifteen

Buck and Dolly get ready for some bondage sex together.

Page Sixteen

Buck demonstrates the cincture to Dolly by detaching his own hand.

Page Seventeen

Buck's detached hand gloms on to Dolly's breast.

Page Eighteen

Buck fits Dolly with the hyperspatial cinctures around her wrists.

Page Nineteen

Buck's detached head performs cunnilingus on Dolly.

Page Twenty

Buck fucks a limbless Dolly from behind.

Page Twenty-One

Buck and Dolly swap head positions using the cinctures.

Page Twenty-Two

Buck fucks Dolly's torso while her head hangs from a light fixture.

Page Twenty-Three

Tanya Yip is bothered by Buck and Dolly's noisy next-door sexytime.

Page Twenty-Four

Iris drowns her sorrows in the Gnosis College pub with friends.

Page Twenty-Five

Iris drinks more beer and bitches more about Mora's seminar.

Page Twenty-Six

Iris's complaints continue on to the unwholesome relationship between Mora and Dolly.

Page Twenty-Seven

A panel reproduces a famous screenshot from Shanghai Express.

Page Twenty-Eight

Jill, Rob, and Iris head off to the movies together.


Dolly Gibson uses a hyperspatial cincture to perform cunnilingus on herself.

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9 thoughts on “Volume 06, Number 01

    • Well, she’s very well preserved, as should be clear from Volume I, both in terms of the durability of her preservation and the fineness of detail. So while she isn’t exactly alive in her present state, there’s certainly always the possibility that someone will come along and figure out a way to reverse her transformation, a possibility that should be open for centuries into the future, as long as she’s not exposed to dangerous radiation or corrosive chemicals or simply knocked over by clumsy museum personnel.

      Whether this ever will happen, well, no spoilers!

      • so that should mean she’s dead!! as she’s not eating or breathing!! poor for her!! but good for the viewers I guess!! :p I really don’t want her transformation be reversed!! because she looks so natural in that pose as a stone as well as her striking beauty is preserved forever as well!! 🙂 I think she should be a strikingly costly sculpture too because you will never find a life like statue of such a naked beauty which looks like to weigh 400 pounds but only weighs like normal human female!! what do you think?? 🙂

  1. do u desire to keep both the beautiful ashley and mora in their current petrified statue form forever?

    • It isn’t a foregone conclusion that they will someday get out of that form, although in the case of Ashley in particular she’s going to be in it for a very long time.

      • U should not meddle with their current state !! Let them be however they are !! They are perfect now !! And Ashley definitely should be in that state forever !! She is a very valuable collection of nude art and sculpture of the museum !! So we cannot afford to let her become normal again !! She is better now than ever

  2. But u have drawn the conclusion of their fate so nicely !! I think u should better not meddle with their fate . Let them be as they are now for the rest of the eternity !! And Ashley should not get out of that state at all !! Because now she is such a beautiful specimen of nude art !! We better not lose her !!

  3. Do you think that turning into a statue as naked is the best thing that could ever happen to this particularly ‘sexy’ goddess Ashley ??

  4. Iris really does have an eagle’s eye indeed. Damn she recognized Ashley even after she was put on that high pedestal when her face positioned upward forever -.-

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