Volume 02, Number 04

Volume 2, Number 4

Jill Keeney is not just a scholar and an athlete, but an indomitable personality possessed of a strong sense of justice and a burning sense of outrage at injustice wherever it might be found. So when she sees a friend clubbed down in public in the corrupt republic of Monte Blanco, she finds she cannot decline an offer to become part of a conspiracy in which she is to use her considerable charms to bring down that country’s dictator. But in a world of mad science things are not always as they seem even in what appears to be one of the world’s backwaters, and Jill will be thrust into erotic danger from which it is unclear whether she will emerge alive…

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naked girl turned into marionette by mad priest!

Page One

Monte Blanco sure could use some rural better transport infrastructure

Page Two

Jill strolls down a pleasnt tree-lined street of cafes.

Page Three

Page Four

Page Five

Mysterious clerical figure watches universtiy students beaten down.

Page Six

Jill gets drunk on absinthe to forget the horrors she's seen, and is noticed by a kindly priest

Page Seven

Jill makes a sudden and unexpected diversion from confessional to crypt.

Page Eight

Jill introduced to shy Maria, Lopez's hot assistant

Page Nine

A look into Jill's past as a heroic girl

Page Ten

The dictator of Monte Blanco owns an analog of the Palazzo Faranese.

Page Eleven

Lopez reveals a possible plan to blackmail the dictator.

Page Twelve

Jill agrees to use pussy-spy device!

Page Thirteen

training montage with underwater hot-tube fellatio

Page Fourteen

Jill Keeney in shibari suspension bondage.

Page Fifteen

Jill strapped down and fucked by a sex machine controlled by Maria.

Page Sixteen

Jill sets off to check into an art deco hotel.

Page Seventeen

Jill Keeney shows up in a teeny bikini

Page Eighteen

Butt, of course

Page Nineteen

Jill anally penetrated!

Page Twenty

Jill floats naked on a pool.

Page Twenty-One

Jill gets a gown, showers in preparation for a party.

Page Twenty-Two

Jill inserts the device in her most intimate area, and loses consciousness.

Page Twenty-Three

Jill paralyzed naked in a laboratory!

Page Twenty-Four

Jill caught in kinky activities on camera.

Page Twenty-Five

Jill's body controlled by an analog remote.

Page Twenty-Six

Jill to become a dictator's living sex toy.

Page Twenty-Seven

The Generalissimo toys with helpless, naked Jill.

Page Twenty-Eight

Poor naked Jill toyed with and bent like a pretzel.

Page Twenty-Nine

The Generalissimo continues posing Jill.

Page Thirty

Sexy mute Maria turns out to be a scary ninja, or is it vice versa?

Page Thirty-One

Helpless Jill abducted by assassin for lesbian sex.

Page Thirty-Two

Sexy assassin Maria scisssors with helpless Jill

Page Thirty-Three

Maria smashes the doll remote, freeing Jill

Page Thirty-Four

Jill retrieved by Marines

Page Thirty-Five

And Jill's tale concludes


Jill trains in a sex machine, posed for a "Women of Gnosis" pin-up

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