Reading Minnow from the beginning

A commenter today very helpfully asked whether there is a way to go back to the start of Minnow to re-read from the beginning. Since if one person is wondering other might also be but are to busy to ask I’ll boost my own response to the top here. Yes, there is. Through the magic of WordPress categories, if you go to the category “minnow,” which you can do by using this link

you can go back to the beginning and read from the start. The first ten pages will be arrayed down the page (a WordPress plugin reverses the order they would normally appear in so they are chronological, rather than reverse chronological). A bit counterintuitively, to advance to the next ten pages you need to click on “older posts.” If you are in the middle and want to go back, you can reverse to the previous ten pages by clicking on “newer posts.” This is a bug created by interaction between my theme and the plugin which I’m not sure how to fix.