Volume 07, Number 08

Volume 7, Number 8

Having found the former professor Joseph Corwin in his southeast Asian exile, Aloysius and Jireen seek to summon his transformed and now-aquatic assistant Li Anwei in hopes of finding out whether there is any possibility of recovering intact Nanetta Rector and Moira Weir, who were liquified and apparently drained away at the end of The Apsinthion Protocol. Aloysius and Corwin will also join forces to try to reverse engineer the strange process by which the chimera woman Jireen first came to be made out of two previously-existing Gnosis College students. But will Jireen be interested in what they discover? Our remaining heroes will face some wrenching choices, and will make some decisions that will perhaps shock you in this final chapter of Commencement!

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Jireen kneels on a beach, apparently in mourning.

Page One

Jireen and Aloysius dine with Corwin.

Page Two

A spectacular sunset in the tropics.

Page Three

Taking to sea to find mermaid Anwei.

Page Four

Li Anwei appears, transformed into a melusine.

Page Five

Li Anwei begins her explanation as to what happened to Moira and Nanetta.

Page Six

Li Anwei holds out a slender hope.

Page Seven

Jireen needs time to think.

Page Eight

Jireen thinks.

Page Nine

Mad science in action!

Page Ten

it can be done!  (Even if it is mad.)

Page Eleven

Jireen dissents from the clever plan.

Page Twelve

Jireen proposes...a fusion.

Page Thirteen

Her proposal spurned, Jireen becomes enraged and storms out.

Page Fourteen

Aloysius can be dangerous when disappointed.

Page Fifteen

Jireen realizes something is terribly wrong.

Page Sixteen

A steamy encounter between Aloysius and Li Anwei.

Page Seventeen

Too late jireen.  Aloysius is dissolved away.

Page Eighteen

Ahia tries to comfort.

Page Nineteen

Corwin delivers philosophy to Jireen.

Page Twenty

Corwin explains a possible different reconstruction procedure.

Page Twenty-One

Jireen makes a reproductive decision.

Page Twenty-Two

Jireen goes antinatalist on one of her own antecedents.

Page Twenty-Three

Jireen sets her course.

Page Twenty-Four

Naked Jireen dissolves in a tube.

Page Twenty-Five

Little Michiko wants to look at Little Willie's little willie.

Page Twenty-Six

Jill is to be sent back to Gnosis.

Page Twenty-Seven

Commencement:  Chapter Eight, Page Twenty-Seven

Page Twenty-Eight

Corwin lectures too, among others, three comely Chinese coeds.


Three naked Chinese coeds.

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5 thoughts on “Volume 07, Number 08

  1. So, Aloysius used the protocol, flowing in Li Anwei’s blood, to dissolve himself into the water of the entire ocean, in a search for Moira and Nanetta? And prof. Corwin used Aloysius’ formula to recreate Jill and Maureen, without causing the end of Jireen? Wouldn’t that mean that Aloysius did a hasty decision to dissolve himself into the ocean, when there could be a way to return Moira and Nanetta using his formula, if they could only gather their molecules? I am probably missing something, which would prove my thoughts to be right, or completely wrong. Anyway, I love your stories!

    • It’s certainly true that Aloysius made what is (perhaps) a hasty decision. It has been known to happen to young people acting under severe emotional stress…

  2. It looks to me like the three girls, Ai, Mei, and Nao resemble in some form Anwei. Moira, and Nanetta.

  3. May I comment on how I have come to greatly enjoy this long, erotic and brain-tickling series?
    I think that I may now.

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