Bait: A Graphic Novella

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A fair maiden is drawn to her doom in the deep.

Page 1

An ominous sunrise over the South Seas.

Page 2

The RV Seagoon churns through uncertain seas on a weird mission.

Page 3

Eliza Fanshaw loves one thing more than any other, and that is sex!

Page 4

The Scelleratini brothers voyage to the south seas to film an obscene pagan rite.

Page 5

A bare beautiful bride leaps into the mysterious depths.

Page 6

The comely native girl sacrifices herself to a monster of the sea!

Page 7

The film of maiden sacrifice outrages all Europe and is banned.

Page 8

 An ancient survivor reveals the secret of the obscene ritual.

Page 9

The thought of the highest erotic experience arouses Eliza Fanshaw.

Page 10

Eliza Fanshaw defeats fear of death with philosophy.

Page 11

U.S. military imperialism removes the people of Motofupo from their island.

Page 12

A U.S. Navy base means pretty U.S. Navy nurses.

Page 13

The Navy arranged swimming time for sexy nurses.

Page 14

The disappearance of pretty nurses was covered up by the Navy.

Page 15

Barron Petrobux had a beautiful wife and daughter and more money than was good for him.

Page 16

Barron Petrobux Jr. stalks where he ought not to with his movie camera.

Page 17

Rich racist Texans doing their thing on a South Seas cruise.

Page 18

The tentacle monster attacks!

Page 19

Phoebe is stripped naked by the tentacle monster.

Page 20

Panic on the yacht!

Page 21

Phoebe is molested by the tentacle monster

Page 22

A last gasp for Phoebe.

Page 23

Barron Jr. seems to have actually enjoyed what happened to his sister.

Page 24

Captain MacMurdie explains a mistake made by the Navy.

Page 25

Perhaps science can do something about the tentacle monster.

Page 26

Technology marches on in the fight against the tentacle monster.

Page 27

To catch the sea monster, you need bait.

Page 28

Daphne Bosselseg wants to be a part of science history.

Page 29

A short and glorious life, or a long and undistinguished one?

Page 30

Surprisingly, many women have an interest in being a meal for the tentacle creature.

Page 31

There's always a smooth-talking lawyer to explain everything.

Page 32

A first encounter with the tentacles.

Page 33

The two "winners" of the contest to be bait meet each other.

Page 34

Daphne wishes to save little children, Eliza, cute animals.

Page 35

Naturally, there's an academic who's repulsed at the idea of the experiment.

Page 36

Claudia Honeywood makes very smart robots.

Page 37

We encounter Eliza's naked mind.

Page 38

Hiram Worthinglock's miraculous exploding capsule

Page 39

A woman is eaten, is digested, explodes.

Page 40

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be underwater for hours without having to surface for breath?

Page 41

The long-awaited departure for the South Seas.

Page 42

The long-awaited departure for the South Seas.

Page 43

Turpentine sets out to catch his tentacle beast.

Page 44

A moment for a great decision.

Page 45

The suspenseful flip of the coin.

Page 46

Eliza is the one chosen.

Page 47

It is the ride of a lifetime, and Eliza is determined to take it.

Page 48

Eliza goes out with a sexy striptease.

Page 49

 A pretty sexy last wave.

Page 50

 Naked Eliza makes her fateful dive.

Page 51

Beautiful, naked, and calm in the ocean.

Page 52

The tentacle creature moves in fast on Eliza.

Page 53

Eliza is deep into tentacle sex, and soon into the creature.

Page 54

Farewell, Eliza.

Page 55

But the experiment goes badly.

Page 56

Time for Daphne to make the sacrifice.

Page 57

When men sacrifice themselves, it's called heroism.

Page 58

Daphne does decision theory.

Page 59

Daphne gets ready and expresses the hope to explode at the right time.

Page 60

An embrace and a descent.

Page 61

Out there in the waters, something is going wrong.

Page 62

Daphne explodes at the wrong time.

Page 63

Someone always has evil ideas about sacrificing someone else.

Page 64

Claudia righteously storms out.

Page 65

Turpentine attempts to persuade the angry Claudia.

Page 66

What about science?  Don't you love science?

Page 67

When all else fails, go on television.

Page 68

Careers are only for team players.

Page 69

Claudia goes out in an appropriately bad mood.

Page 70

Who would not hesitate at this moment?

Page 71

Claudia makes the fateful leap.

Page 72

The way Claudia is dressed is sort of ridiculous, considering the occasion.

Page 73

What a good-looking soon-to-be-former scientist!

Page 74

And in spite of the circumstances, the sex is great.

Page 75

A fearful moment, one of Claudia's last.

Page 76

And down Claudia goes, no doubt a delicious meal.

Page 77

Tentacle beast ahoy!

Page 78

Tentacle beast captive!

Page 79

Moralists are going to moralize, no matter whom they hurt or how much.

Page 80

Woulds't thou learn the secrets of the sea?

Page 81

Lovecraft's "Call of Cthulhu" quoted.

Page 82

Reach out to the tentacle beast.

Page 83

The Daughters of Leos, sacrificed to save Athens.

Page 84

A call to honor sacrifice.

Page 85

Tentacle beast's new home.

Page 86

 Heaven help you, Turpentine, if that tentacle monster ever escapes.

Page 87

Pretty girl puts on a show.

Page 88

The pretty girl seems well in control of the monster.

Page 89

Anyone would be enthusiastic about this show.

Page 90

Chiba Moe explains her job.

Page 91

And then there are some special shows.

Page 92

And for Chiba, the tentacle sex is awe-inspiring.

Page 93

The monster has been throttled; no more eating girls for him.

Page 94

Chiba feels sorry for the poor hungry tentacle monster.

Page 95

What an amazing application of compassion!

Page 96

Inevitably, the bizarre offer arrives.

Page 97

And so, Chiba dives in.

Page 98

I guess this is what you might call really unsafe sex.

Page 99

Farewell, Chiba Moe.  Your compassion was truly an extraordinary thing.

Page 100

And at the bottom of it all, a rich man's sexual fetish.

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