Girls in some kind of trouble with spiders is an Erotic Mad Science tradition going all the way back to Cleo Mount’s rainforest adventures in Volume II of the Tales of Gnosis College, so it pleases me to be able to reblog this orphaned image here. It was originally blogged in this 1 November 2015 post at Infernal Wonders.

More bikini-girl menaces

This charming scene graced the cover of the Summer 1993 edition of the move fan-mag Femmes Fatales and is reblogged here from this 4 October 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. Because I’m awful, I still own a copy of this magazine, on which the model is identified as “Monique Grassmick,” about whom, I’m sorry to say, I have been able to find out very little.

I blogged the cover in in this 7 December 2014 post, also at Infernal Wonders.

One that won’t get away

This image is reblogged from this 26 July 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. Many of you may recognize it as a still from Humanoids from the Deep (1980), one of the most shameless of all Roger Corman movies (and that’s saying something, folks) and one I’ve always enjoyed writing about. The girl in the relevant scene is a character played by an actress named Lisa Glaser, though it’s possible that in this particular shot we are looking at a body- or stunt-double.

Another girl for the monster king’s tubes

This image is reblogged from this 5 July 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. The tube girls are there in the background, and I would guess that our comely captive here is about to be joining them soon. The illustration is the work of American comics artist Larry Todd (b. 1948).

Vore image saved from orphanage

This image is reblogged from this 5 July 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. It’s source is “Far East Adventure,” a now-deactivated DeviantArt account. It seems appropriate to present here since I’ve done my share of indulging in vore. According to my earlier post, the image was accompanied by the tagline “Where do these cultists keep finding these beautiful college girls?”

Social media, that would be my guess.

My boyfriend, the fishman

This image is reblogged from this 4 July 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. It is Barbara Bach (b. 1947) and some guy in a rubber fishman suit, in a publicity photo for the Italian adventure/horror movie L’isola degli uomini pesci (Island of the Fishmen, 1979). The actor who played the father of Barbara Bach’s character was, of all people Joseph Cotten (1905-1994), and I cannot but think that it was a long way down from leading roles in Citizen Kane and Shadow of a Doubt to a men-in-rubber-suits movie.