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Apprendre le français XX: Appât Pages 21-23 (slider)

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PAGE 21 (Single panel page)

(Note : footage)

Single panel: View into the water. We see Phoebe underwater, naked and surrounded by a roiling mass of tentacles, some of which appear to be penetrating all of her primary orifices. “Voices” can be heard suggesting the chaos on the Yellow Rose.

CAPTIONS AT VARIOUS POINTS AROUND THE PANEL (1): “Oh God, oh God!” “Kill that thing!” “Get it!” “Yes, Mr. Petrobux!” “I’m getting my gun!”

Translation (1): « Oh mon Dieu, oh mon Dieu ! » « Tuez cette chose ! » « Attrapez-le ! » « Oui, monsieur Petrobux ! » « Je vais prendre mon arme ! »

PAGE 22 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Yacht Crewman #1 and Yacht Crewman #2 in the boat by the side of the Yellow Rose, as if viewed through Barron Jr.’s camera. Yacht Crewman #1 has a harpoon raised and aimed, presumably at the tentacle beast. One small tentacle is reaching over the side of the boat. Yacht Crewman #2 is sitting in the back of the boat steering an outboard motor.

Yacht Crewman #1 (1): I’ll get you, you motherfucker!

Translation (1): Je vais te niquer enfoiré !

Panel 2: Yacht Crewman #1 and Yacht Crewman #2 appear as blackened silhouettes as some sort of massive electrical discharge hits their boat. The whole craft is surrounded by a flash as if of lightning.


Translation (2): KZZZ-ZOT !

Panel 3: Phoebe’s head resurfaces just a bit. A tentacle covers a triangular region around her mother and nose, rather like a medical breathing mask. Her eyes are closed, and her expression looks almost blissful.

Panel 4: Ripples in the region of water where Phoebe’s head has been pulled underneath for one last time.

PAGE 23 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Barron Sr. putting his hand on the barrel of an assault rifle that Wealth Friend is pointing at the sea, a gesture meant to stop him from shooting into the water.

Barron Sr. (1): No, you idiot.

Translation (1): Non, fais pas l’idiot.

Panel 2: A view into the boat, showing the now-charred corpses of Yacht Crewman #1 and Yacht Crewman #2.

Panel 3: A view of Peony, now standing some distance away on deck, her head buried in her hands in shock and grief.

Peony (2): No…

Translation (2): Non…

Panel 4: A view downward, indicating that Barron Jr. is pointing his camera down but is still filming. (Note that he is about 11 years old at this time.) We see the swimming trunks he’s wearing, his legs and feet and beneath them the planking of the deck. We can also see through the fabric of his swimming trunks that he is having a marked erection.

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Apprendre le français XIX: Appât Pages 18-20 (slider)

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

PAGE 18 (Four panels)

(Note: More Super 8 camera “footage.”)

Panel 1: Barron Jr. has zoomed in on something (possibly make it clearer with a little “ZOOM” in one corner of the panel). It is one of Phoebe’s ankles. The tip of a tentacle has wrapped itself around the ankle.

Panel 2: Phoebe in the middle of being yanked off her feet and dragged under the rail by the pull of the tentacle. Her hands are splayed out forward as she is falling, her sunglasses gone askew.

Phoebe (jagged, panicked balloon) (1): WHOOP!

Translation (1): OUP !

Panel 3: View over the rail. Phoebe has been pulled into the sea, her fall throwing up a column of water.

SFX – Phoebe hitting the water (2): SPLASH!

Translation (2): SPLASH!

Panel 4: Phoebe’s head resurfacing briefly as she pulls herself back up above water.

Phoebe (3): Akhhh!

Translation (3): Arghhhh !

PAGE 19 (Four panels)

(Note : footage)

Panel 1: Another, smaller column of water on the surface of the sea as Phoebe is jerked back underwater.

SFX – SUBMERGING (1): Fwoosh!

Translation (1): Fwoosh !

Panel 2: A tentacle has emerged above the same surface of the water as in Panel 1. It is swinging around Phoebe’s bikini top, which the beast below has presumable stripped off her. (Indicate with motion lines.)

Panel 3: A spot on the deck of the Yellow Rose, close-up. Phoebe’s bikini top landing on the deck, presumably tossed there by the beast below.


Translation (2): Splut !

Panel 4: Same as Panel 2, but now it’s the bikini bottom landing next to the top.


Translation (3): Plop !

PAGE 20 (Single panel page)

(Note : footage)

Single panel: Wide “shot” showing a certain amount of pandemonium on deck. Barron Sr. and Peony are leaning over the rail, looking horrified at what they see in the water. A little further on, YACHT CREWMAN #1, an African-American man and YACHT CREWMAN #2, a Latino man, both neatly attired in pseudo-naval uniforms, are lowering themselves in a boat over the side as part of a rescue attempt.

Peony (1): My baby! My baby!

Translation (1): Mon bébé ! Mon bébé !

Barron Sr. (2): God dammit!

Translation (2): Mon dieu !

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Apprendre le français XVIII: Appât Page 17

PAGE 17 (Four panels)

(Note: More Super 8 camera “footage.”)

Panel 1: Barron Sr. and a WEALTHY FRIEND (another corpulent middle-aged man), both wearing sunglasses, tacky Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts, sitting on deck chairs sipping drinks.

Wealthy Friend (1): President Reagan sure did a number on those air traffic control thugs and their union, eh?

Translation (1): C’est vrai que Reagan a agi de la sorte avec ces voyous de contrôleurs aériens et leurs syndicats, non ?

Barron Sr. (2): Here’s hoping he takes on the coons and the spics next.

Comment (2): “Coons” is a highly derogatory term for African-Americans, “spics” a highly derogatory term for Latinx Americans. The use of them in dialog here is to show Petrobux as a nasty racist – something hardly unusual for a man of his social position and geographic origin. Translate them with discretion.

Translation (2): En espérant qu’il se charge ensuite des immigrants et autres basanés.

Panel 2: Wealthy friend is sitting up peering over his sunglasses, while Barron Sr. is waving Barron Jr. and his camera away with a gesture of his hand (indicate with motion lines).

Barron Sr (3): Move along, son. This is grown-up talk.

Translation (3): Va plus loin fiston. C’est une discussion entre adultes.

Panel 3: Phoebe is in her bikini, leaning slightly backwards with her hands on the rail, looking forward, enjoying the sun and sea. She is also wearing sunglasses and her body glistens a bit from her having put on sunscreen.

Panel 4: Same as before, but now Phoebe is looking into Barron Jr.’s camera with an admonitory expression.

Phoebe (4): Barron…

Translation (4): Barron…

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Apprendre le français XVII: Appât Page 16

PAGE 16 (Four panels)

Note : There should be some sort of framing around the panels on this and some succeeding pages to indicate that they’re “footage” taken with Barron Jr.’s Super 8 camera.

Panel 1: Barron Jr.’s hand pushing open a cabin door somewhere below decks on the Yellow Rose.

SUBTITLE (1): Camera footage taken by Barron Jr., son of Barron Sr.

Translation (1): Images prises par Barron Jr., fils de Barron Sr.

Panel 2: We see past the door into the interior of a cabin. Phoebe, evidently surprised while changing into a bikini, is holding her as-yet-unfastened bikini top over her breasts with one arm, while charging forward and reaching for the door with her other. She wears an appropriately angry expression.

Phoebe (2): Get out of here, you little pervert!

Translation (2): Sors d’ici, petit chenapan !

Panel 3: View of a gangway, leading up to the deck.

Panel 4: View off the deck of the Yellow Rose. We can see the rail on the side of the deck, beyond that the ocean, and beyond that in the distance the trees and hills of the Island of Motofupo.

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Apprendre le français XVI: Appât Page 15

PAGE 15 (Two panels)

Panel 1: A family picture of the Petrobuxs, Texas oil billionaires, taken around 1980. At the center are BARRON PETROBUX SR. (“Barron Sr.”), and his wife PEONY. Barron Sr. is a corpulent man in a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, string tie with a diamond slider. Peony is a woman dressed in overly expensive clothes for the period, clearly once very beautiful and now someone who spends time fighting oncoming middle age and it shows. Flanking them are the Petrobux daughter Phoebe, a beautiful and well-developed girl of about 16 in this photograph, smiling brilliantly, and BARRON JR., a somewhat sullen-looking boy about ten years old in this picture who is holding his most-prized possession, a high-end Super 8 movie camera (camcorders not being commercially available before 1984). Barron Jr. should have a Distinctive Feature that will enable us to identify him as the same person at later ages than he is in this photograph. What it is can be up to the artist, but should be reasonably recognizable: a scar, a cowlick that won’t go away, a droopy eyelid, something like that. There should be labels indicating the names of the four people in the photograph.

CAPTION – PSUEDO-NARRATION (1): In 1981, Barron Petrobux Sr. was a Texas oil and real-estate billionaire and an important figure in state and national Republican party politics. He had a famously beautiful wife, Peony and daughter, Phoebe, and a young son passionately interested in making movies, Barron Jr.

Translation (1): En 1981, Barron Petrobux Sr. était un magnat du pétrole et de l’immobilier ainsi qu’un homme politique républicain important. Il avait une très belle femme, Peony, une fille, Phoebe, et un jeune fils passionnément intéressé par le fait de devenir acteur, Barron Jr.

Panel 2: A view of the Yellow Rose, the Petrobux family yacht, a big, expensive, tastelessly well-appointed vessel, traveling through the sea.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (2): Petrobux was also the proud owner of one of the largest private yachts in the world at the time.

Translation (2): Petrobux était également été l’heureux propriétaire d’un des plus grands yachts privés de l’époque.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (3): The beautiful waters and beaches around Motofupo had been declared a restricted zone by the U.S. Navy, but exceptions to the restrictions would be made for a man of Petrobux’s political influence.

Translation (3): Les magnifiques plages de Motofupo avaient été déclarées zone d’accès interdit par la Marine américaine, mais des exceptions avaient été décidées en raison de l’influence de Petrobux.

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Apprendre le français XV: Appât Page 14

PAGE 14 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Hazel in interview pose, now slumped backwards.

Hazel (1): And she wasn’t the only one. Two more of us also disappeared in almost exactly the same way.

Translation (1): Et elle ne fut pas la seule. Deux autres d’entre nous ont aussi disparu, presque exactement de la même façon.

Panel 2: A fat folder containing official reports, sealed and with a large stenciled word CLASSIFIED stamped across it

CAPTION – HAZEL NARRATING (2): The Navy ordered us not to talk about it. They said it would be bad for morale.

Translation (2): La marine nous a ordonné de ne pas en parler. Ils ont dit que cela serait mauvais pour le moral.

CAPTION – HAZEL NARRATING (3): People asked fewer questions about orders back then, you know.

Translation (3): Vous savez, les gens discutaient moins les ordres à l’époque.

Panel 3: A panel showing the Bride’s dive in the water, as if taken from the Scelleratini film of 1905, a split second after the scene on Page 5, Panel 4 above, such that the Bride has broken the surface of the water, and has submerged down to her waist.

CAPTION – HAZEL NARRATING (4): I tried not to think of it much myself, but in the late 1970s, I think, I saw a film clip of film made by some Italian people of the same place from long, long ago. I think it was on PBS late at night.

Comment (4): “PBS” stands for “Public Broadcasting System,” an American television network funded by a combination of government, corporate, and listener contributions. It has a focus on education and high-culture television and is not sponsored by advertisers like most of the rest of American broadcast television.

Translation (4): J’ai essayé de ne pas y penser, mais à la fin des années 1970, je crois, j’ai vu une séquence d’un film réalisé par des Italiens au même endroit, il y a très, très longtemps. Je crois que c’était tard dans la nuit sur une chaine publique.

Panel 4: A panel showing a front page of the Dallas Morning News for Tuesday, October 6, 1981. A large part of the front page would be a posed formal picture of PHOEBE PETROBUX (a very pretty and probably blond teenager, who we’ll see more of below) under the headline TEXAS TEEN STILL MISSING IN SOUTH PACIFIC. (Possible filler headlines, taken from real world history for that day that could be included for verisimilitude, could be RAOUL WALLERBERG MADE HONORARY U.S. CITIZEN and REVEREND SUN MYUNG MOON INDICTED FOR TAX EVASION).

CAPTION – HAZEL NARRATING (5): And then we all read that terrible story about the poor girl from Texas.

Translation (5): Et puis nous avons tous lu cette terrible histoire au sujet de cette pauvre texane.

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