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PAGE 15 (Two panels)

Panel 1: A family picture of the Petrobuxs, Texas oil billionaires, taken around 1980. At the center are BARRON PETROBUX SR. (“Barron Sr.”), and his wife PEONY. Barron Sr. is a corpulent man in a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, string tie with a diamond slider. Peony is a woman dressed in overly expensive clothes for the period, clearly once very beautiful and now someone who spends time fighting oncoming middle age and it shows. Flanking them are the Petrobux daughter Phoebe, a beautiful and well-developed girl of about 16 in this photograph, smiling brilliantly, and BARRON JR., a somewhat sullen-looking boy about ten years old in this picture who is holding his most-prized possession, a high-end Super 8 movie camera (camcorders not being commercially available before 1984). Barron Jr. should have a Distinctive Feature that will enable us to identify him as the same person at later ages than he is in this photograph. What it is can be up to the artist, but should be reasonably recognizable: a scar, a cowlick that won’t go away, a droopy eyelid, something like that. There should be labels indicating the names of the four people in the photograph.

CAPTION – PSUEDO-NARRATION (1): In 1981, Barron Petrobux Sr. was a Texas oil and real-estate billionaire and an important figure in state and national Republican party politics. He had a famously beautiful wife, Peony and daughter, Phoebe, and a young son passionately interested in making movies, Barron Jr.

Translation (1): En 1981, Barron Petrobux Sr. était un magnat du pétrole et de l’immobilier ainsi qu’un homme politique républicain important. Il avait une très belle femme, Peony, une fille, Phoebe, et un jeune fils passionnément intéressé par le fait de devenir acteur, Barron Jr.

Panel 2: A view of the Yellow Rose, the Petrobux family yacht, a big, expensive, tastelessly well-appointed vessel, traveling through the sea.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (2): Petrobux was also the proud owner of one of the largest private yachts in the world at the time.

Translation (2): Petrobux était également été l’heureux propriétaire d’un des plus grands yachts privés de l’époque.

CAPTION – PSEUDO-NARRATION (3): The beautiful waters and beaches around Motofupo had been declared a restricted zone by the U.S. Navy, but exceptions to the restrictions would be made for a man of Petrobux’s political influence.

Translation (3): Les magnifiques plages de Motofupo avaient été déclarées zone d’accès interdit par la Marine américaine, mais des exceptions avaient été décidées en raison de l’influence de Petrobux.

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