01a — In the Kitchen with Dolcetta

Page One

Just an ordinary, happy cooking show.

Page Two

I wish I had the telephone number for this agency.

Page Three

 Housewives everywhere will envy Dolcetta's kitchen.

Page Four

Synthetic fabrics?  Horrible!

Page Five

Those Germans certainly make fine kitchen appliances.

Page Six

Nothing is as pleasing as getting clean.

Page Seven

Tube-girl Gigi.

Page Eight

The delights of cooking!

Page Nine

Forced-air drying.

Page Ten

Lovely clean Gigi.

Page Eleven

This objection might have occurred earlier.

Page Twelve

Weakest example of class struggle ever.

Page Thirteen

Gigi does indeed look tasty.

Page Fourteen

Not much time left for Gigi now.

Page Fifteen

It always helps to have good servants in the kitchen.

Page Sixteen

 Poor Gigi!  I hope she roasts well.

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