Volume 05, Number 05

Volume 5, Number 5

Jill Keeney’s attempt to flush out John Samson as her double’s murderer nearly ends in disaster for herself and Maureen Creel, but the intervention of a mysterious ally turns the tables in our heroes favor. Will they be able to find a way to compel Samson to reveal the dark biological warfare conspiracy of which he is a part? And will it involve erotic mad science? Find out in this terrifying chapter of Gnosis Dreamscapes.

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Michiko in black and white as Japanese warrior.

Page One

Jill has a plan to lure Samson.

Page Two

Samson puts the moves on a girl in the student center.

Page Three

Samson is counterstalked by Jill Keeney.

Page Four

Samson is both pursuer and pursued.

Page Five

Cleo is transforming into...something.

Page Six

Showdown between John Samson and Jill Keeney.

Page Seven

Samson outfights Jill.

Page Eight

Samson binds and taunts Jill Keeney.

Page Nine

Samson stalks toward Maureen with a knife.

Page Ten

Samson taken out by black poison spit.

Page Eleven

Aloysius and Willie arrive to find a mess.

Page Twelve

Jill released and Samson bound

Page Thirteen

Aloysius confesses he has nothing to do with taking out Samson.

Page Fourteen

Aloysius threatens Samson with a scalpel.

Page Fifteen

Maureen stops torture before it starts.

Page Sixteen

Michiko gets naked and prepares to face off against Samson in the dreamscape.

Page Seventeen

Samurai Michiko and Cowboy Samson face off in desert dreamland.

Page Eighteen

Samson's gun goes flaccid.

Page Nineteen

Michiko uses her katana to castrate dreamscape Samson.

Page Twenty

Both John Samson and Michiko Maeda change sex.

Page Twenty-One

M whips S with Fuji-san in the background.

Page Twenty-Two

Leashed petgirl S watches M fuck another woman.

Page Twenty-Three, Verso

Verso page of a pony-girl race in which M is being driven by S.

Page Twenty-Three, Recto

Recto page of a pony-girl race in which M is driven by S.

Page Twenty-Four

S suspension-bound and forced to fellate M by demons.

Page Twenty-Five

S completely bound and fucked by M.

Page Twenty-Six

S tells her story on comman.

Page Twenty-Seven

S gives away Samson's story.

Page Twenty-Eight

Samson's fascist personality turned out to be easy to suborn.

Page Twenty-Nine

Samson fucks a naked Noreen up against a wall while her roommates applaud.


Gender bent special forces soldier John Samson forced to be a femme pinup.

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