One that won’t get away

This image is reblogged from this 26 July 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. Many of you may recognize it as a still from Humanoids from the Deep (1980), one of the most shameless of all Roger Corman movies (and that’s saying something, folks) and one I’ve always enjoyed writing about. The girl in the relevant scene is a character played by an actress named Lisa Glaser, though it’s possible that in this particular shot we are looking at a body- or stunt-double.

My boyfriend, the fishman

This image is reblogged from this 4 July 2015 post at Infernal Wonders. It is Barbara Bach (b. 1947) and some guy in a rubber fishman suit, in a publicity photo for the Italian adventure/horror movie L’isola degli uomini pesci (Island of the Fishmen, 1979). The actor who played the father of Barbara Bach’s character was, of all people Joseph Cotten (1905-1994), and I cannot but think that it was a long way down from leading roles in Citizen Kane and Shadow of a Doubt to a men-in-rubber-suits movie.

French Flesh for Frankenstein

This is a reblog of a 5 January 2014 post at Infernal Wonders. The 1974 movie Flesh for Frankenstein was the subject of a series of three posts written for Erotic Mad Science back in 2010. The text in the poster reads:

René Chateau présente Dallia di Lazzaro, Joë Dallessandro, Udo Kier. Chair pour Frankenstein. Un film de Andy Warhol. Mise en scène Paul Morrissey. Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

The original source for the post is the French-language blog Les Rétro-Galeries de Mr Gutsy, which is still up, and still cool.