Flesh for Frankenstein I — cool lab

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Flesh for Frankenstein II -- The eros of mad science

Coming up now, a trio of posts on Paul Morrissey‘s Flesh for Frankenstein (1973), sometimes known as Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein.  This a a seriously weird version of what is already a strange story.  Even if we never were to get in the lab, we have a setting of adultery, murder, and incest (Baron Frankenstein is is married to his sister) in a crumbling castle set (presumably) somewhere in the Balkans.

Of course, since we’re into the mad science here, our first stop should be Frankenstein’s laboratory.

Baron Frankenstein’s objective here is not just to re-animate the dead, but to create a mated pair of creatures (notwithstanding the two children he’s had with the Baroness).  This pair are to become the progenitors of a master Serbian race.  Why Serbian?  Some things only the screenwriter was meant to know.  In any event, this means making a female half of the pair, which gives director Morrissey an opportunity to provide an early live-action variant on the tube girl meme, as our female half (played by Dalila Di Lazzaro, if you must know) is preserved in a vat of something.

Once she’s lifted out we see a laboratory setup which is one of the coolest we’ve seen since James Whale was directing Frankenstein movies.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Frankenstein movie without electricity providing the spark of life.

It gets squickier tomorrow, I promise.