Volume 04, Number 04

Volume 4, Number 4

At the State Home for Wayward Girls, the sinister Dr. Strangeways taunts the duplicated Jill-Prime with the completeness of his psychological hold over her, while Colonel Madder seeks to quell Agent Ulrich’s growing moral doubts about his mission by providing a theology lesson. Back at Gnosis College, Maureen Creel delves into an unresolved disappearance of a faculty member decades ago while in pursuit of a mysterious aphrodisiac. Many secrets will be revealed in this penultimate chapter of Invisible Girl, Heroine.

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Jill Keeney's copy cowers bound in a cage.

Page One

Maureen meets with Willie for a secret discussion in the Gnosis library.

Page Two

Jill-Prime, duplicate of Jill Keeney, waits for something at the State Home.

Page Three

Strangeways explains clearly to Jill-Prime that no one misses duplicate her.

Page Four

Strangeways expalins to Jill-Prime that Jill Keeney still exists, and she is only a copy.

Page Five

Maureen sits down for breakfast and conversation with the "real" Jill Keeney.

Page Six

Jill-Prime is put in a bondage device and fucked from behind by a fat man.

Page Seven

Strangeways converses with Jill-Prime's head on the other side of the wall.

Page Eight

A Congressman takes a phone call wile fucking Jill-Prime from behind.

Page Nine

Maureen studies a stolen specimen of Strangeways's quantum resonator.

Page Ten

Ulirch communicates moral doubt to Colonel Madder.

Page Eleven

Colonel Madder gives the wavering Agent Ulrich a theology lesson.

Page Twelve

Colonel Madder moves from a theology lesson to a new project.

Page Thirteen

Maureen intrides on Arthur Kaurman's practice session.

Page Fourteen

Maureen coerces Arthur into telling her the source of his aprhodisiac.

Page Fifteen

Maureen's quest for the aphrodisiac takes her to the Gnosis College Museum.

Page Sixteen

Maureen meets Dr. Kirschbaum, Arthur's aunt and a museum curator.

Page Seventeen

Kirschbaum begins the story of Professor Jensen and his expedition.

Page Eighteen

Kirschbaum begins a film where Jensen explains his 1937 expedition.

Page Nineteen

Jensen's film shows a young woman making a sacrifice.

Page Twenty

Page Twenty-One

The masturbating native girl winks out in a flash of sexual pleasure.

Page Twenty-Two

Maureen demands access to Jensen's aphrodisiacs.

Page Twenty-Three

Kirschbaum recalls her deadly dangerous Great-Aunt Sophie.

Page Twenty-Four

Maureen and Kirschbaum work out a deal for some of the aphrodisiac.

Page Twenty-Five

Kirschbaum's favor involves access to where naked young men are.

Page Twenty-Six

Jill-Prime looks up at the full moon and despairs.


Wayward girl Monica is sexually experimented on with a machine and a monitor.

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