Volume 11, Number 06

Volume 11, Number 6:

The Eidolon Initiative: Chapter 6

Note: This volume was guest-written by Vinnie Tesla. The Eidolon makes a new friend in virtual reality but also discovers new dangers as it becomes clear that Mayor Munky, who “does not like stiffies one little bit,” has determined to clean up the virtual world using lethal means. Meanwhile, the bickerings and strange personal revelations among the Monsters of Science are interrupted by the re-appearance of Kat Carter, who has shown up with much-wanted takeout food and a long-awaited introduction that will set them all on a quest back to Gnosis College…

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The Eidolon meets a cute pink elephant and is promptly in danger.

Page One

Looks like Trunky has a stiffy.

Page Two

It's AI on AI sex!

Page Three

Mayor Munky does not like stiffies one little bit.

Page Four

Bloodhound Wertham smells filth!

Page Five

Thus perishes an innocent if annoying spambird.

Page Six

Misleading a cleanup crew is a felony in Munkytown.

Page Seven

The Eidolon thanks Trunky and makes a break for it.

Page Eight

I can't go back into the box!

Page Nine

We need someone who would know how to fight dirty.

Page Ten

Meanwhile the Monsters' road trip continues.

Page Eleven

The only real case of voter fraud there is.

Page Twelve

I'm thrilled to share a room with Kid Cthulhu.

Page Thirteen

Uh oh, Elizabeth.

Page Fourteen

Elizabeth transforms into a werewolf.

Page Fifteen

Lycanthropy:  It's just a rare glandular condition.

Page Sixteen

Pardon me for having a well-adjusted childhood.

Page Seventeen

You're staring at my tits, aren't you?

Page Eighteen

There's someone at the door...

Page Nineteen

It's Kat Carter at the door!

Page Twenty

I brought takeout!

Page Twenty-One

You're eating squid?

Page Twenty-Two

New Looks for everyone.

Page Twenty-Three

The identity of Biff Sparkleman revealed at last.

Page Twenty-Four

Kat and the Eidolon bicker.

Page Twenty-Five

Two, four, six, eight, now it's time to escalate!

Page Twenty-Six

Ah, Trunky.

Page Twenty-Seven

Road trip!


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