Beware the Asylum

Beware the Asylum represents my attempt to write a “silent” graphic novella. The version presented here contains “captions” that did not appear in the original published edition. It has been illustrated by Rafael Suzarte.

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Young lovers Bobby and Karen stroll in the moonlight behind Euphoric State Lunatic Asylum.

Teenage lovers Karen and Bobby stroll in the moonlight outside the Euphoric State Lunatic Asylum.


On a moonlit night, Bobby and Karen get out of Bobby’s Chevrolet Chevelle SS by the spooky old asylum.

Teenage sweethearts Bobby and Karen arrive at night at the abandoned Euphoric State Lunatic Asylum


The full moon glows behind the looming dome of the abandoned insane asylum.

The Euphoric State Lunatic Asylum, in all its abandoned, moonlit glory.


Bobby and Karen break in where they are forbidden to go.

No Trespassing signs are meaningless to teenagers on an assignation.


How many tormented souls must have passed through this entranceway!

How many miserable souls must have passed through this entrance hall!


The insane asylum is once-magnificent civic architecture now falling into ruin.

These old breezeways must have been impressive in earlier days.


Bobby has amorous plans for Karen, but what is that noise?

Bobby has romantic intentions in mind, but Karen hears something...


Sucked up into the bowels of the asylum!

Karen is sucked up into a pneumatic tube, while Bobby is captured by a mechanical man.


Karen is transported, deposited, and seized by a mechanical grabber.

Karen is transported through the tubes, then seized by a robot.


The grabbers begin to strip Karen.

Karen's dress is torn off by robot hands.


The menacing grabbers are thorough in their work.

Her remaining clothes, and even her little gold cross, are taken away from Karen.


Helpless Karen is sprayed with hot water and soap.

Stripped naked (though we do not see her as such), Karen is forcibly robot-washed.


The ecstasy of the sponge.

Is the robot washing a source or agony, or pleasure, to Karen?


Seldom has a hair dryer seemed so dark and menacing.

Having been washed, Karen is now dried.


Karen is sucked up and transported again.

Having been dried, Karen is tumbled back into the pneumatic tubes.


Meanwhile, Zhelzor the robot brings Bobby face-to-face with the sinister Dr. Vragov.

Bobby finds himself dragged by robot into the laboratory of the sinister Dr. Vragov.


Naked and shamed Karen is imprisoned in a transparent tube.

Poor Karen is now a shivering, naked tube girl, protecting what little modesty she has left as best she can.


Bobby makes one pitiable attempt at contact, and then there is a blinding white flash of radiation.

A touch that is not, and then a blinding white flash of radiation.


Karen’s flesh is rendered into something like transparent green gelatin, making her skeleton visible. A blue flash.

Poor Karen's flesh has been turned to green jelly, but at least she still has her bones.


Karen is all transparent green goo. A red flash.

Oops. Now Karen is just girl-shaped green goo without any bones.


To Bobby’s horror, Karen is but a green puddle, promptly sucked up.

Now Karen is just a green gooey puddle, swiftly sucked back up in the pneumatics, much to Bobby's dismay.


Bobby seizes a makeshift weapon and charges at Dr. Vragov.

Enraged Bobby resolves to put an end to Dr. Vragov and his mad science.


“Do you see this tube, young man? Everything your girlfriend was, her form, her personality, her memories, are all preserved herein.”

Everything your cute girlfriend was, her memories, her personality, her form, are now contained in this test-tube of liquid.


“Perhaps I could reconstitute her. Or I could just pour her down this drain. What do you think I should do?”

I could either attempt to reconstitute your girlfriend, or I could just pour her down the sink. Which do you think would be better?


On an urban street, Bobby sits in his Chevelle, about to commit a crime in hopes of recovering his girlfriend.

Possibly blackmailed by Dr. Vragov, Bobby sets off to do crimes.

200 — Promo

Darkness prevails. Beware the Asylum, Part II.

Deep-blue promo page for Beware the Asylum, Part II, showing hapless Bobby and his mad-science nemisis Dr. Vragov.


Shotgun in hand, Bobby sets off for a Chinese herbal medicine shop.

Bobby sets off for an armed robbery of an herbal medicine store in a Chinatown somewhere.


Bobby confronts the herbalist, his wife, and some terrified customers.

Bobby confronts the herbalist and his wife, along with two innocent customers.


“I demand this herb.” “I have no idea…” BOOM! “Heard of it now?”

Bobby presents a written demand for a certain rare Chinese herb, which he backs up with a shotgun blastBobby presents a written demand for a certain rare Chinese herb, which he backs up with a shotgun blast


Faced with such violence, the herbalist gives in.

All in the herbalist's shop are terrified. The herbalist surrenders a red box to Bobby.


Bobby makes a break for it, but this Chinatown neighborhood has protectors of its own.

Bobby makes a break for it. Meanwhile the Herbalist caalls up Lam and Chow, two Chinatown enforcers to set things right.


Lam and Chow pursue Bobby by motorcycle, and Lam is not shy about gunplay.

Bobby thinks he's getting away, until Chow opens fire on him with a pistol.


A close call and a spray of glass as Lam’s .45-caliber bullet nearly hits Bobby.

Chow's bullets smack into the back of Bobby's Chevelle, barely missing Bobby.


Watch out for that garbage truck! Bobby swerves and misses it.

On a narrow Chinatown street, Bobby and a sanitation truck swerve at the last minute to avoid hitting one another.


Lam and Chow are not lucky with the truck. May what is left of them rest in peace.

The motorcycle driven by Law plows headfirst into the garbage truck. Bobby turns to look in shock.


Bobby’s Chevelle goes head-on into a newsstand.

Bobby crashes his Chevelle into an urban newsstand.


Memories of the journalism of 1975 lie scattered about as Bobby flees down into the subway from approaching police.

Scattered numbers of Time and Playboy put the scene in September 1975. Bobby pulls himself to his feet and runs into the subway hoping to escape approaching police.


Bobby hops the turnstile with the cops in hot pursuit.

As the cops persue him, Bobby vaults over the turnstyles into the subway.


Bobby staggers toward an approaching subway train.

Bobby staggers down the subway platform as a train approaches and the cops are in distant pursuit.


Bobby barely makes his train, leaving the cops behind.

Bobby just makes it onto a departing train between closing doors, leaving purusing cops behind.


The box from the herbalist – the precious box – Bobby still has it.

Exhausted, Bobby sits on the train, checking carefully to make sure he is still in possession of the precious red box.


The subway in those days was a wild place, and some curious characters regard Bobby curiously.

A cast of curious and sinister characters aboard the subway look back at Bobby.


His Chevelle wrecked, Bobby has to hitch a ride with a helpful contractor back to the asylum.

Bobby hitches a ride back to the Euphoric State Asylum for the Insane with a Luigi's Heating and Cooling employee.


Here is the exchange proposed, the precious box for the precious test tube.

Bobby confronts Dr. Vragov in an exchange -- the red box for the reconstitution of his girlfriend Karen, currently imprisoned in liquid form.


But Dr. Vragov double-crosses Bobby. Poor Bobby.

Dr. Vragov double-crosses Bobby, dropping him through a trapdoor in the asylum floor thus disposing of him.


Dr. Vragov makes the contents of the box into something, which he pipes into a radio-controlled model B-29.

Dr. Vragov refines the box contents into a red liquid, which is then piped into a radio-controlled B-29 bomber model.


Dr. Vragov’s model airplane files over Pleasant Valley High School.

Vragov pilots his B-29 radio-controlled drone over all-American Pleasant Valley High School.


The airplane spreads a chemical trail over the innocent, unsuspecting students.

Dr. Vragov's RC aircraft sprays a mysterious red mist over Pleasant Valley High.


In the middle of a boring English class, Brenda senses something…delicious.

In the middle of a boring high school class, hot glasses girl Brenda suddenly detects something...alluring.


In physical education, Nancy is distracted by something…beguiling. Watch out for that ball, Nancy!

In physical education class, Nancy is suddently distracted by something. Watch out for that ball, Nancy!


Cheerleader Pamela is so overcome by something in the air so…seductive that she drops her books.

Walking down the hall with her cheerleader friends, Pamela is so struck by something that she suddenly drops her schoolbooks.


Compared with whatever Sandra now detects, school lunch is just not very…alluring.

In the cafeteria. something is powerful enough to distract Pamela from school lunch.


Something mysterious and feminine is forming in the tube. Beware the Asylum, Part III.


Brenda bicycles alone under an ominous sky to the asylum.

Brenda rides her bicycle alone at dusk out to the scary asylum.


Billy and Nancy head out to the asylum in Billy’s tricked-out van.

Billy and Nancy ride in Billy's van out to the asylum.  Billy thinks that fun times are coming.


Mike and Pamela head out to the asylum on a motorcycle. Cool bike, Mike! Sandra and Charlie look almost as good in Charlie’s 1972 Dodge Charger.

Pamela and Mike arrive at the asylum on a motorcycle, while Sandra and Charlie take Charlie's 1972 Dodge Charger.


Down in a seclusions corridor, Billy gets zapped by a death ray, while Nancy is sucked up into the bowels of the asylum.

Billy gets death-rayed and Nancy sucked away in one of the asylum's seclusions corridors.


Zhelezor has grabbed Mike while Pamela fights not to be sucked up.

Mike is grabbed by Zheleznor the giant robot while Pamela fights not to be sucked up  into the bowels of the asylum.


“Why is this room so clean,” thinks Pamela to herself, not noticing her boyfriend Charlie being throttled behind her.

Pamela wonders at the cleanness of the washing chamber, not noticing that Mike is being throttled by a mechanical tentacle.


The machines grab and strip poor Sandra.

Sandra tries to help Charlie, but is caught and stripped by the mechanical grabbers.


Red-eyed Zhelezor is in hot pursuit of Brenda in an asylum corridor.

Desperate Brenda runs from Zheleznor the robot.


Brenda finds what she thinks is safety when she passes through a doorway too small for Zhelezor the robot, but what is this light?

Having gone through a doorway too narrow for Zhelezor, Brenda has saved herself...for a few seconds.


It’s the spotlight Brenda. You’re on stage, and your act is now beginning.

You are on stage, Brenda, and you big moment has come.


The mechanical grabbers go to work on the girls.

The grabbers go to work stripping the girls.


Nancy, Pamela, and Sandra are all forcibly washed.

Nancy, Pamela, and Sandra all being forcibly washed.


Brenda stands, at once washed and martyred.

Brenda held as if crucified, and forcibly washed.


Pamela is whipped through the asylum’s network of pneumatic tubes.

Pamela sucked through the tube network.


Nancy, Pamela, Sandra, and Brenda all reduced from girls to goo.

Poor Brenda, Nancy, Pamela, and Sandra, all reduced to so much green goo.


The community of Pleasant Valley is outraged by the disappearances of its children, and the police have no answers.

A community meeting.  Parents are angry about their disappearing children, and the police have no answers.


Dr. Vragov goes to work, processing green girl goo into a mysterious white unguent.

Dr. Vragov processes the green goo into something like cold cream.


Outside the asylum, an alert motorcycle cop notes something special about the license plate on an abandoned van.

A handsome motorcycle cop spots Billy's van outside the asylum and realizes something is very wrong.


A police SWAT team musters and swings into action at the asylum.

Scramble the SWAT team!


But the asylum is clean. There is nothing to be found, save a scrap of what once might have been a girl’s dress.

A SWAT team member finds the only trace remaining in the asylum of the missing girls.


In a posh club in London, Dr. Vragov and some wealthy business associates conclude a deal of cash for white unguent.

In a posh London gentlemen's club, Dr. Vragov strikes a deal with some shadowy businessmen.


In a luxurious bathroom, a middle-aged woman applies some of the white unguent.

In her elegant shower, a rich middle-aged lady reaches for some mysterious unguent labelled "Jeunesse."


The white unguent dissolves, and the middle-aged woman in enveloped in bubbles.

Our rich lady lathers up with "Jeunesse" and is swiftly coveed in a large mass of bubbles.


Where there had been a woman in middle age before, there is now a radiantly beautiful younger woman.

Our rich lady steps out of the shower among a few remaining bubbles, now youthful, beautiful, and radiant.


On a bright morning outside a lovely Tuscan villa, Dr. Vragov enjoys a modest breakfast.

Dr. Vragov is served coffee by his butler at his gorgeous Tuscan villa.


Dr. Vragov sips his coffee and enjoys the panorama of the city of Florence below.

Dr. Vragov's villa enjoys a glorious panoramic view of Florence.


Dr. Vragov produces a flask of green liquid, and takes it to his basement laboratory and performs feats of chemistry thereupon.

Down in his basement laboratory, Dr. Vragov goes to work one more time on a tube of green fluid.


Dr. Vragov pours the processed liquid into a mysterious tube apparatus.

From a little flask into a big tube...


Within the tube there are at first bubbles, and then something womanly takes shape.

Something womanly is taking shape in Dr. Vragov's tube.


A naked catgirl, looking something like Karen once looked, steps forth from the tube.

From Dr. Vragov's tube emerges...a catgirl version of Karen...Kitty-Karen.


Dr. Vragov bells his new catgirl and gives her some milk. She must be hungry!

Dr. Vragov bells his new-born catgirl and gives her some milk to drink.


A little catgirl fanservice.

Catgirl fanservice!


Dr. Vragov’s catgirl nestles on his lap. I can almost hear her purring.

Dr. Vragov relaxes in his villa with his purring catgirl.  A happy ending, if only for Dr. Vragov!

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