Volume 02, Number 02

Volume 2, Number 2

Comely Gnosis College coed Bridget O’Brian might describe herself as just a nice Irish Catholic girl, but her fascination with the mores of a changing Orient take her to the petro-emirate of Munai. Bridget’s hopes of doing research on the newly ultra-rich are consistently thwarted until one day, a mysterious expatriate stranger offers Bridget employment in “entertainment services.” Follow Bridget as she finds a world of unimagined pleasures and cruelties behind the high walls of a Sultan’s harem!

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Bridget O'Brian belly dances in an exotic setting

Page One

Bridget begins recounting her story at the heroine's quartet brunch

Page Two

Bridget feels lost in a souk.

Page Three

Bridget gets rejected all over Munai -- and all she wants is an interview!

Page Four

Mysterious Helga Kupler begins recruiting Bridget for her "operation."

Page Five

Helga Kupler continues her recruitment of Bridget O'Brian

Page Six

Page Seven

Bridget gets a medical checkup and a corporate orientation.

Page Eight

Page Nine

Page Ten

Page Eleven

Page Twelve

Page Thirteen

Page Fourteen

Naked Bridget bound in the wheel and auctioned.

Page Fifteen

Bridget squeezed, prodded, and turned on while being auctioned.

Page Sixteen

Bridget purchased and inducted into a sultan's harem.

Page Seventeen

Bridget adjusts rather well to harem life.

Page Eighteen

Bridget begins an erotic belly dance for the sultan.

Page Nineteen

Bridget's belly dance turns into a striptease.

Page Twenty

Bridget dance turns into a different kind of dance

Page Twenty-One

Bridget's dance-concluding sex with the sultan is very satisfying.

Page Twenty-Two

Naked, caged Bridget gets fed little morsels.

Page Twenty-Three

Bridget and other girls make out in a harem.

Page Twenty-Four

The sultan has a giant orgy space.

Page Twenty-Five

Donna Nelson reappears as a slinky, sexy catgirl.

Page Twenty-Six

Page Twenty-Seven

Page Twenty-Eight

Bridget distracted from the crucifixion by a giant orgy.

Page Twenty-Nine

Page Thirty

the orgy montage continues

Page Thirty-One

Page Thirty-Two

Page Thirty-Three

Bridget completes her service.

Page Thirty-Four

Page Thirty-Five

Top that story!


Bridget luuriates in her harem girl costume.

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