Volume 09, Number 02

Volume 9, Number 2

Taylor Chase seeks out the help of math whiz Medea Feldstein in hopes of being able to break the cipher on Vernon Jackson’s journal of psycho-chemical speculations. Medea agrees to help, and with her chemist girlfriend Fatima Fadil makes headway against the code. Taylor also gets the help of an eccentric and elderly shopkeeper in deepening his epistolary relationship with the mysterious German archivist Karin Bauer. Medea eventually delivers a “decryption” of the Jackson journal to Taylor, but it turns out that she and her girlfriend have more than a historical interest in all that old chemistry; they have new experiments in mind, which might have some sexy consequences for the students of Gnosis College.

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Shades of "essence of man" from Barbarella!

Page One

Top 100 in the Putnam competition is a very high finish.

Page Two

The stink of geek testosterone...

Page Three

Conspiratorial lesbians!

Page Four

I miss old-fashioned paper letters.

Page Five

Nothing fun like an old technology crank.

Page Six

There are few things as beautiful as glowing vacuum tubes.

Page Seven

Taylor re-learns the art of typing.

Page Eight

An Enigma Machine in his head.

Page Nine

A successful decrypt reveals...drugs!

Page Ten

Some of the happiest relationships I've had with women have been epistolary.

Page Eleven

Dieselpunk cyborg supervillain Vernon Jackson!

Page Twelve

Medea and Fatima decide it's time to science shit up.

Page Thirteen

That lab costume is derived from that worn by Irma Vep in Les Vampires.

Page Fourteen

Tesla Talisman Model 308U, 4-tube radio.

Page Fifteen

Tribute to Weird Science #7, 'Something Missing.'

Page Sixteen

Totally not gratuitous women's locker-room scene.

Page Seventeen

Always try strange potions people offer you -- they might turn out to be fun!

Page Eighteen

Old libraries are great places for trysts.

Page Nineteen

...so let's screw in front of these giant uncurtained windows.

Page Twenty

Good use for an old couch.

Page Twenty-One


Page Twenty-Two

Making good use of what they have.

Page Twenty-Three

Tick, tick, tick...thrust, thrust, thrust.

Page Twenty-Four

Ah, the energy of youth...

Page Twenty-Five

Jack Cleary, just doing his job.

Page Twenty-Six

I too wonder what they did when they got home.

Page Twenty-Seven

Happiness is world domination.

Page Twenty-Eight

What lurks in the files?


Who hasn't from time to time desired an amoral Palestinian hottie lesbian chemist?

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