Volume 10, Number 03

Volume 10, Number 3: “Inhuman Pleasures”

Note: This story was guest-written by Lon Ryden. Jerry Burroughs is a brilliant but absent-minded student programmer running real-time psychometric data collection project from the Gnosis computer lab. He works in a lab Rosalyn Keyes, a post-graduate student, who continues stoically pushing forward on a mysterious artificial intelligence research project in the face of terminal cancer. Jerry’s work is interrupted when long-suffering Federal investigators Gordon Smith and Caroline Ong show up to ask some very pointed questions about the fact that most of the human subjects in Jerry’s have…disappeared. More shocking revelations suggest the possibility of a serial killer on the loose in the area of Gnosis. Will Special Agents Smith and Ong get to the bottom of this mad science mystery before there are more disappearances?

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A mysterious woman in a snakey mass of electrodes...

Page One

A mysterious girl in black accosts a young man in O'Shea's saloo.n

Page Two

My plan was to get drunk and screw.

Page Three

It's all fun an games until the Feds show up.

Page Four

Smith and Wong, back at work.

Page Five

You recruited all these people to work for you.

Page Six

Known better by their data than by their faces.

Page Seven

Comes the day soon when we'll all be stuck wearing 'status update recorders.'

Page Eight

It's like a mood ring for the GPS age!

Page Nine

It's amazing what people will sign away to get better phone service.

Page Ten

Something tells me that Jeremy isn't the most attentive researcher ever born.

Page Eleven

Ah, the weird tech agent shows up.

Page Twelve

Agent Ong is now bored.

Page Thirteen

MacNeil was right to hate Pleasant Prairie.

Page Fourteen

The AI researcher is cancer terminal.

Page Fifteen

Now Smith and Ong decide to play tough with the black guy.

Page Sixteen

Diving; it's dangerous.

Page Seventeen

Near-death experiences brighten up your life, apparently.

Page Eighteen

Death makes Mitch enjoy life.

Page Nineteen

Pleasant Prairie is reluctant to give up it's secrets.

Page Twenty

Who is Roz talking to?

Page Twenty-One

Brain-scan ready.

Page Twenty-Two

Roz makes a shocking discovery

Page Twenty-Three

Surgeon, heal thyself.

Page Twenty-Four

The Girl in Black makes a pickup.

Page Twenty-Five

The cyborg medusa on the attack.

Page Twenty-Six

Look out behind you, Jerry!

Page Twenty-Seven

Who's there?

Page Twenty-Eight

Pursued by the cyborg medusa.

Page Twenty-Nine

I'm sorry you had to see this, Jerry.

Page Thirty


Page Thirty-One

Nearing death...

Page Thirty-Two

I must have the experience myself...

Page Thirty-Three

I'm not dead yet!

Page Thirty-Four

Religion.  Whatevs.


Poor Rosalyn.

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