Volume 10, Number 11

Volume 10, Number 11:

“Fountain of Youth”

Note: This story was guest-written by Lon Ryden. In a nondescript professional building on the edge of Pleasant Prairie, Professor Sharon Elbright has set a curious little business on the side, offering “spa treatments” to young women. The strange and invasive nature of these “treatments” notwithstanding, Professor Elbright’s business has a very eager clientele. But the fact that Professor Elbright is in discussion with the sinister Helga Kupler, trafficker in exotic services and arrangements, should suggest that perhaps those clients might be paying in more than money and favors…

Kindly note that all the comics images on this page, including the virtual cover, were written and illustrated by Lon Ryden, having been commissioned and edited by Dr. Faustus of EroticMadScience.com and drawn by Lon Ryden. The comic is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are free to copy, repost and share these images as long as you provide attribution ti Dr. Faustus and Lon, but if you want to use any of them for commercial purposes or wish to create derivative works from them (other than using brief excerpts in good-faith reviews, studies and criticism) you need to seek permission from Dr. Faustus. Thank you.

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A woman-fountain, drawn by Lon to cover his own story.

Page One

Someone pretty wants Professor Albright, but she isn't in.

Page Two

The Fountain of Youth?

Page Three

Kelly really will make it worth Tanner's while.

Page Four

Meanwhile, that sinister Helga Kupler is back at work.

Page Five

Ready for your 'treatment,' Kelly?

Page Six

This treatment appears to be quite... intrusive.  Humiliating.  Dangerous even.  Why would anyone do this?”

Page Seven

I'm wet as a slip-n-slide already.

Page Eight


Page Nine

Kelly becomes a girl in a glass box.

Page Ten

Put in a box and all strapped in.  This had better be good for Kelly.

Page Eleven

Fishtank bondage girl.

Page Twelve

Full immersion

Page Thirteen

Kelly in full-color glory.

Page Fourteen

And from the look of it, it's a rejuvenating experience as well.

Page Fifteen

Uh, oh.  Mad science gone bad again.

Page Sixteen

Lots of glassware.

Page Seventeen

The elixir of youth.

Page Eighteen

Now we have a guy in a sex tank.

Page Nineteen

Taylor takes a drink of something strange to him.

Page Twenty

I'm going to pass this off as a joke about the rather anxious state of most men's masculinity.


Don't ask how old she is.

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