Volume 03, Number 04

Volume 3, Number 4

Students and faculty alike begin to feel out the erotic possibilities opened by the judicious application of mad science. Aloysius’s synthetically-enhanced physique attracts the eyes of some lustful coeds, Maureen discovers that invisibility can be used for find out what sexy secrets are found behind closed doors, and Professor Waite decides she can make better use of Willie’s body than Willie can, while Willie will decide that turnabout is fair play. It all makes for one long autumn night at Gnosis College.

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Naked Maureen (ghostlike, here) goes spying around the Gnosis campus

Page One

Aloysius hits the showers

Page Two

Improved Aloysius spied upon while taking a shower.

Page Three

Maureen crosses campus, then strips.

Page Four

Maureen sets off to see what there is to see.

Page Five

Willie wakes up after having been slipped a mickey.

Page Six

Willie, wearing Waite's body, descends into the underworld

Page Seven

Tricia McClendon shows up at Aloysius's door dressed only in a towel.

Page Eight

Tricia drops her towel in hopes of seducing Aloysius.

Page Nine

The seduction goes awry when mom calls.

Page Ten

Invisible Maureen cops a feel on a horny dude.

Page Eleven

Willie, wearing Waite's body, invades the Magdalene Chapel

Page Twelve

Willie blasphemes in style

Page Thirteen

Mother Superior Euphemia tasers Willlie in response to his blasphemy.

Page Fourteen

Maureen sneaks into a men's locker room.

Page Fifteen

A tender moment, which Maureen witnesses

Page Sixteen

Kareem fellates Larry watched by the invisible Maureen.

Page Seventeen

Larry and Kareem proceed to anal intercourse.

Page Eighteen

Aftermath of Kareem and Larry's anal sex.

Page Nineteen

Waite's body all bound up, awaiting discipline from the Magdalene nuns.

Page Twenty

Rayna Ryan confronts the intruder Waite/Willie

Page Twenty-One

Willie swaps back into his own body, and in the nick of time -- for him.

Page Twenty-Two

Willie comes back to himself to find that he's in the middle of a tryst.

Page Twenty-Three

Waite gets zapped -- a bit too much -- by Rayna.

Page Twenty-Four

Waite sexually tormented by an infernal machine.

Page Twenty-Five

Maureen spots something interesting going on at the Sigma sorority.

Page Twenty-Six

Kyra Madison endures questioning for entry into Sigma Epsilon Chi.

Page Twenty-Seven

Kyra's intiation involves nudity, bondage...

Page Twenty-Eight

Kyra is hanged as part of her initiation.

Page Twenty-Nine

Kyra's hanging continues.

Page Thirty

Kyra's hanging comes to an end, as the sorority princess orders her taken down.

Page Thirty-One

Kyra is cared for by her new sisters.

Page Thirty-Two

Waite found back on campus by Officer Jack Cleary

Page Thirty-Three

Aloysius greets the dawn


Rubenseque Maureen poses naked for us

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  1. How come you draw your dicks upside-down? I think i know what a glans looks like, and it’s not shaped like that!

    Fun comic, though.


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