Volume 12, Number 04

The Adventures of Ashley Madder, Episode IV

The Ashley statue falls into the hands of mad scientist and Silicon Valley gazillionaire Dr. Szexéhes Andris, who has some unusual plans for it.

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My mother always said, beware of fishmen!

Page One

Strange things going on in the depths of the ocean.

Page Two

"We are Cthulhu's willing slaves."

Page Three

Oh how I wish I had a volcano island lair! Page Four The captive of a mad scientist!

Page Five

I also wish I had at least one Yiddish-speaking fish-man minion.

Page Six

I wish I had a giant statue pressure cooker.

Page Seven

Ashley is seriously getting mad science done to her.

Page Eight

Ashley lives!

Page Nine

I'm glad Ashley hates wearing clothes.

Page Ten

Dr Szexéhes turns out to be missing a bit downstairs as well as upstairs.

Page Eleven

Ashley makes new friends.

Page Twelve

Paralleled by the creature.

Page Thirteen

No jokes about what a dickhead, please.

Page Fourteen

Back to the encreasification chamber.

Page Fifteen

"Stay out of trouble."

Page Sixteen

The penis has a mind of its own.

Page Seventeen

Super-penis makes its escape!

Page Eighteen

The great penis hunt is on.

Page Nineteen

Say what you like about Ashley, the girl has good taste in literature.

Page Twenty

The super-penis sees its chance, and takes it.

Page Twenty-One

Yes, Ashley done perversioned again.

Page Twenty-Two

Say what you may, you cannot silence dreams.

Page Twenty-Three

Inside Ashley's A.S.F.R. dreams.

Page Twenty-Four

"It has been an honor to be a statue fr the past year."

Page Twenty-Five

Millie Newman gets mad-scienced up again!`

Page Twenty-Six

Millie returns to life, after a few years.

Page Twenty-Seven

Gnosis celebrates diversity in the girls it turns into statues.

Page Twenty-Eight

Fish-girl statue!

Page Twenty-Nine

Ashley is the winner! Or "winner."

Page Thirty

If you're going to strike a pose, make it a memorable one.

Page Thirty-One

Penis problem:  fixed.  Monster problem;: definitely not fixed.


Caroline Marsh, fish-girl pin-up.

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